Monday, November 30, 2020

Recommended Reading: New Post From Defensive Pistol Craft

Jon Low at Defensive Pistolcraft has published his (generally) monthly roundup of articles, video, and commentary. Lots of good stuff. But before we get started, I want to say thanks to Jon for the shout-out and link to a recent review I did of a shoulder roto-holster for Craft Holsters. 

    Jon begins this month with the following advice:

     You must carry your loaded pistol on your body concealed.  You won't have time to get it.  You won't have time to load it.  If you open carry, you will be the first one shot to death.  

     When the violence starts, there will be no warning.  All is calm, and then all hell breaks loose.  When nation states go to war, there is troop movement and massing of forces.  At our level, there is no telegraphing of intention; not by the enemy, not by you.  So, you must be aware.  You must prepare.  

     As all 2nd Lieutenants are taught, you may be forgiven for losing a battle.  But, you will never be forgiven for being taken by surprise.  Why was the Commander of the Pearl Harbor Naval Base court martialed?  Because he allowed a surprise attack by the Japanese on his base.  

     I read of an incident where a man was stopped at a road block in Portland, OR, pulled out of his car, and beaten.  This will never happen to you, because you are in condition yellow and see the road block in time to U turn.  If not, you will have your doors locked and your windows up, because you're not an idiot.  You won't worry about running over the rioters, because you must protect your child in the back seat.

     Remember, self defense is to prevent the attack.  (So, you should never get hurt.)  If you fail at that, self defense is to stop the attack.  (So, you don't get hurt too much.)

     After the attack it is not self defense.  It is revenge and retribution, which is not legal.  (If you're not dead.)

He links to a lot of articles on self-defense, including an article noting incidents where people had to use more than 10 rounds in a self-defense shooting, another on the topic of "Everything you know about violence is wrong" unless you are a professional with exposure to violence, and a couple on using flashlights (I'm skipping a lot). He discusses some training classes he attended and lessons learned. Jon recommends using pistols that are ambidextrous in case of having to shoot using your off-hand, and discusses some that are truly ambidextrous in their controls. And he has a lengthy discussion of different types of self-defense insurance as well as articles discussing the different carriers, and a list of the insurance carriers. For instance, he notes that you should avoid the reimbursement plans as you will need the money up front. Finally, Jon ends with a personal anecdote about confronting some drug dealers at his apartment complex, and the absolute disinterest expressed by the Nashville PD. 

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE (12/3/2020): Mr. Low writes concerning some of the items mentioned above...

    Some misunderstood my comments in the last post.  The police lady from the vice department telling me "not to cause trouble" was actually telling me not to make more work for her.  

     Yes, confronting drug dealers is dangerous.  But, if you don't chase them out of your neighborhood, they will scare off the nice residents.  And before your children graduate from high school, your neighborhood will turn into a slum.  Yes, it does happen that fast.  No, as a matter of fact, the police will not chase the drug dealers out of your neighborhood for you.  As you can see from John Farnam's comments above, the police won't even rescue you from a home invader.  You think they are going to chase drug dealers out of your neighborhood for you?  

    The John Farnam referrence is to:

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