Wednesday, November 11, 2020

ATF Heads Conspiring with Biden To Ban Pistol Braces and 80% Receivers

 The Truth About Guns reports:

    Yesterday, John Crump published a report at regarding a recent conference call between the ATF’s top brass and the “Biden transition team.” To be clear, no matter what you may read in the media, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is not yet the president-elect. At least not yet. None of the 50 states have certified their election results and the electoral college isn’t due to vote until December 14.

    That made the conference call in question both premature and inappropriate. We’ve talked to people with direct knowledge of what was discussed on the call and can confirm Crump’s report that the higher ups at the ATF told the Biden boys they want to target two items should their boss occupy the oval office in January. Number one on the hit list is pistol arm braces and number two is 80% lowers.

    The people we’ve spoken to confirm that the push to ban these items is coming from the top two seats at the ATF — acting Director Regina Lombardo and Associate Deputy Marvin Richardson. Also on board with banning these items are three members of the bureau’s general counsel’s office — Chief Counsel Joel Roessner, Deputy Chief Counsel Pamela Hicks and Associate Chief Counsel James Vann.

We always knew that this day would come eventually, and sooner with Biden being the presumptive winner of the election (although that may change). Too many people viewed the pistol brace as a loophole to restrictions against SBRs; and the popularity of 80% receivers has gotten too large for the gun-grabbers to ignore. In fact, if the Dems get control of both houses of Congress, I would not be surprised if they passed restrictions to make it illegal for a person to make their own firearms without registering them in some manner. 

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