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The Fix Is In--More Election News And Commentary

 The latest development in the election fiasco is that the major television media networks and the Associated Press have declared Biden the winner of the election. As the Daily Mail reports it:

CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, the AP and USA Today all made the call and Fox News followed suit 10 minutes later after Biden picked up more votes in Philadelphia, where officials had been working through mail-in ballots for days. Pennsylvania, with its 20 electoral college votes, finally pushed Biden over the line. Nevada was called for him shortly afterwards. 

With that he can now make use of the moniker "President-Elect" which will give him an aura of legitimacy with many voters.

    Of course the B.S. started immediately, with Biden claiming that he will heal and unify the nation. But as Hot Air is reporting, "AOC And Democrats Are Eager To Archive Records, Make Lists To Ensure Trump Allies Face ‘Accountability’." She tweeted: "Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future." She followed this up with another tweet: "Lol at the 'party of personal responsibility' being upset at the idea of being responsible for their behavior over last four years." This is in line with Elie Mystal's op-ed at The Nation on October 20, 2020, calling for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Mystal claims that the news media, Congress, the courts, failed to investigate Trump as they should have over the last four years. Consequently:

    We need a form of truth and reconciliation commission precisely because our normal institutions have failed. We need to understand how that failure happened, who is responsible, and who should face justice. When a plane falls out of the sky, we don’t just shrug our shoulders and say, “Gravity has consequences.” We send in a team of experts to pick through the wreckage, figure out exactly what went wrong, hold people accountable, and make recommendations for future safety.

     We send in experts after disasters not just for vengeance but to make people feel safe again. The “reconciliation” part of a commission is just as important as the “truth” part. We still have to have a society with these Trump people, and that can’t happen until we understand what they’ve done and feel measures have been taken to protect us from them again.

While the rest of the op-ed gives the impression that such a commission would be limited to high-ranking officials in the Trump Administrations and Trump's immediate family, there is no guarantee it will stop there anymore than post-WWII Europeans stopped at only tracking down and punishing high ranking Nazi officials. As the Left has made clear, they view conservative Christians to be nothing less than modern Nazis and fascists, and we should expect "doxxing" and other payback. 

    Mystal is not just a one-off.  Henry Olsen, writing at the Washington Post, noted that "[t]he idea of establishing a 'truth and reconciliation commission' to investigate President Trump’s tenure has been gaining steam on the left in recent days." More specifically:

Robert Reich, who served as labor secretary under President Bill Clinton, recently gave this proposal new visibility with a ferocious tweet supporting the concept. It’s one thing to investigate whether Trump officials broke any laws during their service; that’s appropriate and should be handled by the Justice Department. Reich’s goal is much broader: “name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.” It appears that hatred of Trump now runs so deep among some on the left that it isn’t enough to vote him out of office; people who supported or worked for him must also be condemned and shunned from polite society.

Olsen goes on to explain:

The insidious nature of this idea becomes apparent the closer one examines it. Virtually any act can be said to have “enabled” Trump’s political career and administration. A television reporter who covered Trump’s early rallies clearly “enabled” his rise by spreading his message to voters who weren’t present. Twitter “enabled” his election by permitting his tweets. Anyone in his administration “enabled” his presidency. Anyone with any degree of power, visibility or influence who did not denounce or oppose Trump’s words and deeds can be deemed “guilty” of enabling him.

Some are already at work: GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) has already set up a web-site for what they are calling the Trump Accountability Project. Per the web-site:

    The Trump Accountability Project (TAP) is a resource on the Trump administration which catalogues the anti-LGBTQ statements and actions of President Donald Trump and those in his circle. The Trump Accountability Project also includes other harmful rhetoric, discriminatory actions, and exclusionary worldviews of the Trump administration. GLAAD publishes TAP to equip journalists, as well as LGBTQ people and allies, to hold the Trump administration accountable for their words and actions. Our individual TAP profiles also serve as a reminder that many in the administration have blatantly pledged to dismantle the legal protections that LGBTQ people, as well as other communities, have achieved over the past several years.

    The Trump Accountability Project (TAP) is a resource for journalists, editors, and other newsmakers reporting on the Trump administration, which catalogues the anti-LGBTQ statements and actions of President Donald Trump and those in his circle.  

Lest you think that even this is an anomaly, The Independent reported that:

    Among those who replied to Ms Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet was Michael Simon, a former Obama administration official who cited the Trump Accountability Project.  

    “Yes, we are,” Mr Simon wrote. “Every Administration staffer, campaign staffer, bundler, lawyer who represented them – everyone.”  

There are a lot of low level Leftists that will see higher up levels being punished and will decide to take "justice" into their own hands. Just like post-war Europe. 

    Notwithstanding the Left taking the victory lap, the counting and legal challenges are not over. As of yesterday, there were still 100,000 outstanding "provisional ballots" that still needed to be counted in Pennsylvania. "'Provisional' ballots are cast when a voter’s eligibility to vote in-person is in question," reports Red State.  "For example, if a voter requested a mail-in ballot but did not receive one, or lost a ballot or the envelope it needed to be enclosed in to be counted, the person could go to their normal precinct polling location and request to vote a provisional ballot on Election Day." It's not clear that the "final" tally in Pennsylvania included those ballots. In addition, as the Epoch Times relates:

    U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito late Friday ordered Pennsylvania election officials to segregate ballots that arrived after Election Day.

    Alito granted a request by the state’s Republican Party to separate mail-in ballots received between 8 p.m. on Nov. 3 and 5 p.m. on Nov. 6 from those that arrived by 8 p.m. on Nov. 3, in accordance with state guidance.

    It has also been reported that "[t]he Luzerne County (PA) election staff is currently under FBI investigation after several ballots were mishandled and thrown out. Coincidentally, all the mishandled and tossed ballots were for President Trump. More cases are expected to be investigated across PA, GA, MI, and WI as tips flood the FBI and DOJ." 

    You may also remember the story about the Michigan Republican, down by 104 Votes, but thought something has hinky, and it turned out there was computer "glitch" that had awarded votes to his Democrat rival instead of to him. He ended winning by 1,127 after the problem was corrected. Herschel over at The Captain's Journal explains that computers don't just randomly "glitch" like it has been reported. And he is correct. Politico is reporting that a "glitch" in Georgia voting machines was a caused by last-minute vendor upload that prevented people from voting in Morgan and Spalding counties, but strangely didn't happen in any other counties. The vendor was Dominion Voting Systems who made the voting machines. This is the same vendor whose software was responsible for the "glitch" in Michigan. And, as it turns out, Dominion Voting Systems provided the machines and software not only for Michigan and Georgia, but also Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada

    Some other evidence of election fraud is provided by application of Benford's Law. From Infogalactic:

Benford's law, also called the first-digit law, is a phenomenological law about the frequency distribution of leading digits in many (but not all) real-life sets of numerical data. The law states that in many naturally occurring collections of numbers the small digits occur disproportionately often as leading significant digits. For example, in sets which obey the law the number 1 would appear as the most significant digit about 30% of the time, while larger digits would occur in that position less frequently: 9 would appear less than 5% of the time. If all digits were distributed uniformly, they would each occur about 11.1% of the time. Benford's law also concerns the expected distribution for digits beyond the first, which approach a uniform distribution.

 It is used as evidence of fraud detection in accounting as well as election results. Over at Gab, there is a post that uses it to show elections results in several key counties in battle-ground states. As you can see, there are results for Biden that fall far outside what would be expected if voting results were valid. 

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