Sunday, November 22, 2020

#GiveThanks Day Two: Gas Block Issues Solved

On Friday, President Nelson asked members to give thanks each day for a week in a post on social media. I had written this up yesterday but it apparently didn’t post.

 I have a couple things for Saturday. First, I want to give thanks for being able to go out to dinner with my wife.

Second, I want to give thanks that I was able to get the gas block installed on my latest AK build. It was tricky because I had originally installed it at a slight cant. To correct the problem meant reshaping the slots for the pins that I had cut into the barrel and using oversized pins. The pins I fashioned from an odd drill bit laying around. 

The problem came about because the gas block fit loosely on the barrel and I hadn’t noticed that it had twisted when I marked off where to cut the slots. When making my fixes, I realized I could tap in a couple toothpicks in one hole to hold the block in place while I used a diamond grinding bit through the other hole to do the reshaping I needed. 

I’d thought about buying a new barrel but there were none to be had online at my usual sources. So I guess I am also grateful to have purchased all the parts I needed before the current gun and ammo panic.

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