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This is a blog discussing disaster preparation and survival, especially in light of end time prophecy. It also examines political and other events as they may relate or bear on end time prophecy or the practice of survivalism and/or prepping. The contents of this blog are intended for entertainment and/or academic purposes only. Please consult with a professional or expert before implementing or using any ideas or techniques discussed or presented in this blog.

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  1. curios about YOUR eschatology? Is there a post or link somewhere?

    1. The best way to find those articles is to search under the topic "second coming". If you are using a mobile device, scroll down as far as you are able, and click on the option for a web page view. Once on the standard web page, go to the right hand column and scroll down to the box marked "Labels". Then click on "Eschatology", "Second Coming" or "Signs of the Times". Other topics you might look at are "Prophetic Guidance", "Gadianton Robbers" and "Secret Combinations"


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