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Politico: Intelligence Community Concerned About Possible Trump Reforms

Politico reports that "The prospect of a second Trump presidency has the intelligence community on edge." They were on the edge also after JFK rejected their plan of carrying out false flag terrorist attacks across the U.S. to gin up support for an invasion of Cuba, which he vehemently rejected. He afterward vowed to scatter the agencies to the wind. And we all know what happened after that:


The Politico article begins:

    Former top officials from Donald Trump’s administration are warning he is likely to use a second term to overhaul the nation’s spy agencies in a way that could lead to an unprecedented level of politicization of intelligence.

    Trump, who already tried to revamp intelligence agencies during his first term, is likely to re-up those plans — and push even harder to replace people perceived as hostile to his political agenda with inexperienced loyalists, according to interviews with more than a dozen people who worked in his administration.

"Former top officials from ... Trump's administration..." Translation: Trump was hamstrung by people in his administration. But we already knew that. The intelligence agencies are already politicized, as shown by the coordinated actions to produce the fake Russian Dossier and spying on anyone opposed to the Deep State.

    The article later states:

    America’s spy agencies are never completely divorced from politics. [Ya think?] But an overhaul of the type Trump is expected to attempt could undermine the credibility [influence and/or control] of American intelligence at a time when the U.S. and allies are relying on it to navigate crises [they created] in Ukraine and the Middle East. It could also effectively strip the intelligence community of the ability to dissuade [lie to] the president from decisions that could put the country at risk. [Like start a war with Russia in order to protect their money laundering operations]

    POLITICO talked to 18 former officials and analysts who worked in the Trump administration, including political appointees from both parties and career intelligence officers
[i.e., devoted Deep Staters], some who still speak to [spy on] the former president and his aides and had insight into conversations about his potential second term [i.e., make stuff up to undermine him]. A number of them were granted anonymity to avoid provoking backlash and to speak freely about their experience working with him. Others are now vocal Trump critics and spoke publicly.

    “He wants to weaponize the intelligence community
[against the Cabal that really run things]. And the fact is you need to look with a 360 degree perspective. He can’t just cherry pick what he wants to hear when there are so many U.S. adversaries and countries that don’t wish the U.S. well,” said Fiona Hill, a top Russia adviser on the National Security Council in Trump’s administration who has regularly criticized his policies [of not going to war with Russia]. “If he guts the intel on one thing [like parents protesting trannys being allowed into girls restrooms], he’ll be partially blinding us.”

    Many of the former officials said they opted to speak to POLITICO because they believe the extent to which Trump could remake the intelligence community remains — despite the copious media coverage — underestimated.
[I.e., no one watches MSNBC or CNN anymore]

But the article is not completely one-sided. Deep into the article it relates:

    Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung said the former president “has been under assault ever since he announced his campaign in 2016.” He listed a range of grievances, including the intelligence community’s embrace of now a largely discredited dossier on Trump’s Russia ties, the administration’s Russia investigation, and former intelligence officials questioning the validity of allegations against President Joe Biden’s son.

    In the classified documents case, Trump’s lawyers have argued that the intelligence community is heavily politicized already, only with a leftist ideology that is unfair to the former president.

    One former senior White House official under Trump, who is still close with Trump and his team, argued that other key national security officials at the time also believed the intelligence agencies were political and bloated bureaucratic offices that often miscalculated critical issues. Another former Trump administration national security official who still speaks to the former president said there is a need for Trump, if re-elected, to try to install people in the agencies who he trusts and oust those who have a history of trying to undermine him.

The intelligence agencies have connived, lied, concealed, and committed numerous crimes to keep their control over the executive branch. We can expect them to do worse if they think him capable of winning the next election.

New Weekend Knowledge Dump ...

 ... from Active Response Training. Notable links/articles IMHO:

  • An article from the Shooting Wire on what it describes as the next generation of J-frame revolvers. These are new S&W Airweights with some updated features such as modern sights (a fiber optic front sight that looks like it could be switched out, and a real rear sight instead of the typical gutter sight). They are initially being offered in .38 Special and .32, and Greg indicates that he has ordered both.
  • An article with an associated video on modifying (actually, replacing) the belt clip on a TDI knife sheath with a Tek Lok clip. This should be applicable to other Kydex knife sheaths with cheap belt clips.
  • An article from Dave Spaulding again explaining why shot placement is more important than caliber. 
  • Greg provides a link to videos from the Lakewood Church shooting. It is a compilation of security camera footage (most of which is poor quality and lacks audio) and cameras worn by the police officers/deputies on the scene. I will say that the church appeared to have a sizable amount of security on site, along with the fact that several officers in uniform were already there when the shooting broke out. I don't know if that is normal for the church or just good luck. My church, on the other hand, recently distributed a letter to ward (i.e., congregation) leaders concerning security that once again advised them that "deadly weapons" were not allowed in church buildings (with the exception of active law enforcement) and that leaders were to call police if an incident occurred. In other words, "we aren't going to provide security for you, but neither will we allow you to provide your own security". The distribution of this letter, in my ward at least, was met with a couple derisive snorts and comments. 
  • An article on how facts/logic will not change (most) people's minds. This is especially true when dealing with rabbits liberals. You have to appeal to their baser instincts and emotions. Of course, as the author points out, you don't want to call them stupid to their faces because that will just make them harden their position. 
  • Advice from Lucky Gunner on how to improve your draw stroke. And he doesn't just mean practice it more. He suggests breaking it down into pieces while shooting at index cards at 5 yards--that is, you might start at "position 3" in your draw stroke, and shoot your targets and then start at a different position and do your shots. I haven't done this, and he doesn't mention it in the video, but it is something that professional athletes do, which is to video yourself so you can go back and replay the video to spot problems.
  • An article from Clint Smith on reloading a semi-auto pistol while engaged in combat. He goes through a standard reload (including photos for each step), offers some tips for specific pistols, and then illustrates the tactical reload and why we should carry more than one magazine (mostly because magazines can break or malfunction). 

Friday, March 1, 2024

A Good Example Of The Effectiveness Of Gun Laws

Just a day after Michigan's safe gun storage law went into effect, a little girl visiting her father's house found an unsecured pistol and shot herself in the head, suffering a serious wound. The father, Michael Tolbert, "was arraigned on nine felony charges including counts of first-degree child abuse, violation of the gun storage law, felon in possession of a firearm, felon in possession of ammunition, lying to a peace officer in a violent crime investigation and four counts of felony firearm possession, according to Michigan’s Sky News." Whew! Another tragedy avoided due to strict gun laws. 

  • More: "Dad first to be charged under new Michigan gun law after 2-year-old daughter shoots herself in the face"--New York Post. Including a photo of Mr. Tolbert in case you were wondering. And this amusing comment from the Karen that sponsored the legislation, Democratic state Sen. Kristen McDonald-Rivet "who ... said at Tuesday’s news conference that it gives prosecutors the tools to hold irresponsible gun owners accountable for their actions." Because I guess none of the other 8 felony charges are of any use.

Less Guns Equals More Crime

Five years ago, New Zealand decided to ban "assault weapons"--well, except for the government--and it has the expected result as this TTAG article relates:

    However, since the suspension of semi-auto gun ownership in that country as a response to [the 2019 Christchurch] killings, the country has actually witnessed more violent crime taking place, much of it blamed on a rise in gang violence.

    “Over the last five years gangs have recruited more than 3,000 members, a 51-percent increase. At the same time, we’ve seen a significant escalation in gang-related violence, public intimidation and shootings, with violent crime up 33 percent,” Justice Minister Paul Goldsmith said in a press release last week.

Now the country is considering--and I emphasize the "considering" part--overhauling its gun laws, including possibly--maybe--relaxing the ban on owning semi-auto firearms. I personally don't believe that it will happen. The country is too feminized and socialist (but I repeat myself) to do anything that would encourage personal responsibility for one's safety. 

Video: Zip Gun Disassembly


Jim AFCarbon (8 min.)

Video: The Truth About The National Socialist Book Burning

While I had always been propagandized concerning the German National Socialist Workers Party's burning of books, it wasn't until a few years ago that I started seeing discussion of what books were being burnt. Most people probably assume that the National Socialists were focused on burning books authored by Jews and hostile to the National Socialist movement. And probably most of the books burned were authored by Jews, but it was the nature of the books that got them burned. As this video explains, the vast majority of books banned and burned consisted of pornography, favorable or encouraging of LGBQT+ and other sexual deviancy, and communist. 

Zoomer Historian (11 min.)

    Funny enough, I saw a post at Instapundit yesterday complaining that the ChatGPT and Gemini AI applications were censoring as harmful any content from Lenny Bruce, who the snippet of the article described as having "shocked contemporary society in the 1950s and 60s with his profanity laden standup routines."

Bruce’s material broke political, religious, racial, and sexual taboos and led to frequent censorship in the media, bans from venues as well as to his arrest and conviction for obscenity. But his style inspired many other standup legends and Bruce has long since gone from outcast to hall of famer. As recognition of Bruce’s enormous impact he was even posthumously pardoned in 2003.

Sometime in the past year or two, I'd come across a piece describing how Jews had historically coarsened public speech and entertainment, with complaints of this fact going back at least two thousand years. And "Lenny Bruce" seemed an oddly banal name. Suspicious, I did a quick Google search and sure enough, per Wikipedia, Bruce's real name was Leonard Alfred Schneider and he was Jewish. He had been drummed out of Navy during World War II because of a drag show he put on for his fellow crew members that had severely upset his commanding officers (he confessed to a Navy psychologist he had homosexual urges). Nevertheless, he went on to what was apparently a successful comedy career. But, the article notes: "Branded a 'sick comic', Bruce was essentially blacklisted from television, and when he did appear, thanks to sympathetic fans like [Hugh] Hefner and Steve Allen, it was with great concessions to Broadcast Standards and Practices."

Guess the Race/Ethnicity: Waffle House Brawl

From the Daily Mail: "Wild food fight erupts between customers and Waffle House staff when three women on a night out start trashing restaurant after being told to quieten down."

Russia To Weaponize Migration To Europe

The Daily Mail reports that "Putin plans to stoke conflict in Africa with private militias, 'weaponising' the flow of migrants to try and influence European elections."

    Russia is trying to destabilise Europe and influence its elections by driving migrants into the continent using private armies, it has been claimed.

    Vladimir Putin already wields influence over a number of the main routes used to reach the continent, and it is now feared that Russia will 'intensify' its efforts to move migrants towards Europe with the arrival of spring.

    Using paramilitary forces and private mercenaries, including the notorious Wagner group, it is believed Russia will stoke violence in already volatile nations such as Burkina Faso, Mali, Sudan, Central African Republic and Libya - forcing people to flee their homes and thus driving refugees towards Europe.

This isn't something new. The article points out:

    The Kremlin has already been accused of trying to create a refugee crisis by sending asylum seekers to its border with Finland, forcing the new NATO member to close its doors to migrants in a bid to stem the tide.

    And since 2021, Belarus - Russia's closest ally - has been accused of funnelling immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa - who have travelled up through Russia - to its borders with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. 

The article adds that "[t]he Telegraph now reports that is has seen intelligence documents detailing Russian plans for agents to set up a '15,000-man strong border police force' made up of former militias in Libya to funnel migrants towards Europe," but plan didn't go forward as the payments did not happen. Nevertheless, the article suggests, this could be a model of what to expect in the future.

    It would not surprise me. After looking at what is happening to the large blue sanctuary cities in the U.S., it would be an obvious move for the Kremlin to take. Not necessarily to influence elections, but simply destabilize the finances of the NATO members. It would influence elections to a certain extent because such an influx would drive more voters into the arms of the conservative parties, but I do not believe that would be the primary goal. 

Thursday, February 29, 2024


The video reviews gym shorts sold by Arrowhead Tactical that have belt loops on the inside of the normal looking gym short waistband that allow you to use a belt to support a holster. An alternative to something like the PHLster system.

VIDEO: "EDC AT THE GYM"--Tactical Rifleman (2 min.)

Bombs & Bants Episode 119

 Some more lively banter concerning current events and our so-called superiors:

VIDEO: "Episode 119" (49 min.)

Politico: Intelligence Community Concerned About Possible Trump Reforms

Politico reports that " The prospect of a second Trump presidency has the intelligence community on edge ." They were on the edge ...