Monday, November 23, 2020

#GiveThanks Day Three: Church and Pistol Breakthrough

Last Friday, President Nelson asked members to give thanks each day for a week in a post on social media. I've been running a day behind, so this one is for Sunday. 

First of all, I will say I am grateful that I was able to attend church in person this week and partake of the Sacrament. With the restrictions on meeting sizes, our congregation has been split into groups with one group attending in person and the other groups participating via Zoom on a rotating schedule. The schedule had cycled around again where it was our opportunity to attend in person.

Second of all, I am grateful that my son finally had a breakthrough with his pistol shooting. We snuck out to the desert yesterday afternoon to do some practice and confirm my zero on a See All Open Sight that I had mounted as a backup sight. My son has been struggling with shooting his 9 mm and obtaining consistent patterns, and I've been sure it had to do with how he was gripping the gun. I've explained and demonstrated, but nothing seems to have been working. Yesterday, I made two suggestions as to his grip and one (or both) seemed to have helped. One is that I finally got him to understand that he has to have a strong grip on the pistol. I've told him this before, demonstrated it, but I guess it finally clicked as to what he had to do. Two, although I don't like doing this myself, I suggested that he try putting the forefinger of his off-hand on the end of the trigger guard to help better grip the weapon. And, because I think I was making him nervous, I just walked back to our vehicle and started loading magazines while he took his shots. His groups immediately improved. Once we confirmed he was getting consistent groups, we drifted the rear sight over to where he was on target. 

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