Wednesday, November 25, 2020

#GiveThanks Day Five: IFAK Kit

Last Friday, President Nelson asked members to give thanks each day for a week in a post on social media. I've been running a day behind, so this one is for Tuesday.

    I've been trying to get my preps caught up since last December, initially focusing on getting my ammunition topped off (I had let some stockpiles get dangerously low) and plug some holes. One of the holes in my preps was having a proper IFAK/Trauma kit. We've always had a fairly well-stocked first-aid kit available, but like most home first-aid kits, it's really more of a "boo-boo" kit than something for serious trauma. In addition, my bleed-stop gauze had been used up and not replaced. 

    Thankfully, I recently had some opportunities to start rectifying this problem which have come together quite nicely. My first major purchase was a used Czechoslovakian Vz.80 Field Medical Kit from Mike's Militaria. MSRP is $68, but will be a bit over $80 with shipping. Although "used" these kits appear from the reviews to be mostly complete with unused original or unused restocked supplies. Mostly what they consist of are bandages and dressing, including an impressive amount of gauze for packing wounds. This is a big headstart in that direction. I thought that these might be a one-off item, but I've checked back periodically, and he seems to have a steady supply. So if Mike's Militaria is out of kits, wait a couple weeks and check back.

    Several years ago, a reader had recommended to me the RevMedX TX ratcheting tourniquet. At the time, however, it has not yet been approved by CoTCCC, so I held off. Once it became available, other things seemed to come up. But I finally purchased a TX2 version a couple weeks ago. Price was $38.95, but I was able to find a discount code with a quick Google search that saved me 10%. It's is a little more expensive than other CoTCCC approved tourniquets, but it is supposed to be easier to apply one-handed.

    Also a couple weeks ago, a friend pointed me to a NSN MARCH IFAK Resupply Kit being sold by Kommando Store for $59.99. But as often happens, I was too slow to order, and when I went to the site they were all sold out. Yesterday (Tuesday) I decided to check and, lo and behold, they have the kits back in stock so I ordered one. Per the description, the kit contains:

  • TMT™ Tourniquet 1 ea
  • Celox® RAPID 1 ea
  • Pre-Lubricated Nasal Airway 1 ea
  • Sentinel Chest Seal 1 ea
  • Dart 1 ea
  • Battle Bandage 1 ea
  • Battle Wrap 1 ea
  • Rolled Gauze 1 ea
  • Eye Shield w/ Garter – Polycarbonate 1 ea
  • Gloves (pair) 1 ea
  • TCCC Card DD-1380 1 ea
  • Mini-Sharpie 1 ea
  • Quick Start Guide 1 ea

Obviously, there are a few other items to collect, including at least a couple more chest seals (probably with a valve to let out air since I really don't want to have to use the dart if I don't have to), more rapid-clot gauze, a skin stapler and EMT shears. I also know that I will want to make sure that each family member has an IFAK but that is going to have to be down the road a bit. In the interim, I will practice and try to find some training.

    Like I said, this all suddenly came together, which I always attribute to divine intervention; and so, accordingly, I am thankful.


  1. I'm thankful my wife is not a Biden supporter and supports the Second Amendment. The spouses of too many of my coworkers hate Trump and hate guns.


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