Monday, November 20, 2023

A More Realistic Assessment Of Carrying Firearms After A Disaster

In the video below, the presenter draws on his experience in the military and providing disaster assistance, as well as what we have saw happen post-Katrina, to give a more realistic assessment of carrying firearms after a disaster. As he points out, it won't be the fantasy image many preppers have of running around in full battle rattle. Rather, as he points out, firearms may very well be confiscated (i.e., stolen by government agents) and certainly anyone visibly carrying a firearm will draw unwanted attention from law enforcement or other survivors. Thus, as he explains, you will want a handgun you can carry concealed; and if you have a rifle with you, it will by necessity be something small enough it can be carried in a pack. 

Sigma 3 Survival School (26 min.)


  1. Thanks man I hadn't seen this guy IN A LONG TIME. Totally agree with him too.


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