Monday, November 20, 2023

The Latest From Active Response Training

 Following up on my prior post, some more of what I was reading over the weekend, this time from Greg Ellifritz:

  • Greg has compiled another list of "free books" from Amazon. He curates these to emphasize titles related to self-defense, survival, and personal development, although this week's includes some novels.
  • As always, if you haven't already done so, be sure to check out his latest Weekend Knowledge Dump with links to articles and videos on self-defense, firearms, and prepping related topics. Some of the topics included are how to travel by commercial flights with firearms, some advice on shotgun handling, a video on "The Post-Incident Environment", an article on contacting a self-defense liability insurer post event, a history of mass-civilian casualty events using IEDs, cleaning and lubricating an AR, .22 ballistic gel tests, and more. And this public service announcement: "Please stop wearing your 'tactical' clothes in public.  Blending in is a better strategy than making a tribal identity statement."
  • And, finally, Greg's article on "Your Tactical Training Scenario- Robber on Motorcycle." As Greg notes, robberies by someone (or someones) on a motorcycle is quite common in many foreign countries and becoming more common in the United States. He features a video of such a robbery in Argentina and offers some tips on coming out of such a situation unscathed. I would note that it is extremely common for these types of robbers to work in pairs (two to a bike). As Greg notes, when in a foreign country, be very suspicious of men on motorcycles. 

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New Weekend Knowledge Dump From Active Response Training

Greg Ellifritz has posted another of his Weekend Knowledge Dumps where he has collected links relevant to self-defense, firearms, prepping ...