Monday, September 18, 2023

Some Quick Headlines

    The city did not give a timeline for when the initiative would come forward - and the grant money which will help invest could come from state and federal tax dollars, not just local taxes, reports CBS. 

    The was mixed reaction to the scheme.

    One person wrote on social media: 'Let’s see… major, successful retailers and grocery store operators have pulled out of certain zip codes due to chronic crime, but the city of Chicago is going to install and manage tax-payer-subsidized stores. What could possibly go wrong?'

    Another added: 'People need to learn not to steal and the grocery stores won't have to close.' 

    And a third said: 'Residents must respect community businesses if they want their services. 

    'The city, with a budget shortfall of $538 million, owning grocery stores with taxpayer funds only in some neighborhoods is unsustainable & blatantly preferential. Work to mitigate causes of why stores left.' 

 They need more illegals.

    The chance of getting arrested in Chicago for a major crime collapsed to just 5 percent in 2022. It was already a low 10 percent just four years ago.

    More than 68,000 major crimes were reported in Chicago last year. Only 3,228 of them resulted in arrests. Wirepoints’ calculations are based on the Chicago City Data Portal: Crime – 2001 to Present.

    The arrest rate for criminal sexual assault? Just 3 percent. Ditto for Motor Vehicle Thefts. Burglaries were at only 4 percent and Robberies, 5 percent. 

    For thefts over $500, the chance of getting busted is even lower, at just 1 percent. There were just 201 arrests out of 20,041 crimes reported last year. And you’ll avoid arrest 96 times out of 100 across any form of theft, which The New York Times recently reported. 

The article goes on to note that these calculations do not factor in unreported crimes.
    Republican presidential candidate Mike Pence said it’s in America’s interest to provide aid to Ukraine. The former vice president worries the U.S. military may end up having to get involved if Russia is not stopped.

    “I’m convinced that if the Ukrainian military doesn’t stop and repel that Russian invasion, it’s not going to be too long before that Russian army crosses a border that our men and women in uniform are going to have to go and fight (for) under our NATO Treaty. I truly believe it,” Pence told NewsNation host Leland Vittert during a townhall appearance.

    Pence said giving Ukraine the resources they need to fight, win and drive the Russian military back is also ultimately in the interest of “peace and security in the world.”

He said basically the same thing back in July.  

So why are our leaders so eager to defend Ukraine's borders but not ours? Probably lots of reasons, but it boils down to (for Republicans and Democrats) cheap labor and (for Democrats and other leftists) the Great Replacement.
From September, families can get up to 30 million won [about $23,000] in compensation money if a family member dies within 90 days of receiving the mRNA jab, even if an autopsy cannot determine the cause. Since July 2022, 10 million won has been given out if the shot caused death within 42 days.

    Singer Maren Morris announced she is leaving country music due to the effects the “Trump years” have had on the music genre.

    “After the Trump years, people’s biases were on full display,” “The Bones” singer said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times published Friday. “It just revealed who people really were and that they were proud to be misogynistic and racist and homophobic and transphobic.”

    The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter added that she resents music being used as a “toxic weapon in culture wars.”

    Referencing Jason Aldean’s hit song “Try That in a Small Town,” which made waves with conservatives, Morris said, “People are streaming these songs out of spite.”

    She continued, “It’s not out of true joy or love of the music. It’s to own the libs. And that’s so not what music is intended for. Music is supposed to be the voice of the oppressed — the actual oppressed. And now it’s being used as this really toxic weapon in culture wars.”

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