Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Virginia Dems Backpedal on Gun Confiscation

As you probably are aware, the Democrats taking the governorship and both houses of the State legislature in Virginia emboldened them to propose a whole slew of gun control bills, including one that would have banned "assault weapons" (which was pretty much defined as any weapon that would make a liberal pee their panties if they saw it). But rural Virginians revolted with numerous counties and towns declaring themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries. It must have had some affect because it is now reported that "[a] pending assault weapon ban backed by Gov. Ralph Northam will include a provision allowing Virginians to keep firearms they already have, the governor’s office said Monday." But not is all rosy. The Democrats still plan on banning any new "assault weapons" (and probably the transfer of those weapons) as well as wanting those with grandfathered weapons to register the weapons with the State. We all know where registration leads, so I expect that the registration requirement will mostly be ignored.

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