Friday, December 13, 2019

New Weekend Knowledge Dump ...

... from Active Response Training. A few articles intended for law enforcement officers, but with application for citizens as well. For instance, safety in restaurants and the need to be good with your backup handgun. A video on terrorist using vehicles for ramming. An article on situational awareness when you have kids in tow. An article on the best blade profile for producing a deep cut in a fight. An article explaining why you shouldn't be training with the standard NRA B-27 silhouette target. And a lot more.

    I always enjoy Ellifritz's commentary. For instance, regarding an article about moving versus shooting, he writes:
      I have mixed feelings on this issue.  I did a study looking at how officers performed using simulated ammunition (Simunitions and Code Eagle).  In my study, officers who shot on the move were hit about half as often as those who stood still.  The moving officers only lost about 10% of their accuracy when returning fire.  This is a clear argument for shooting on the move.  The fact remains that one cannot move as fast as he possibly can while shooting at the same time.  It’s difficult to hit when running at a full out sprint.

      If movement is the priority, MOVE.  If shooting is the priority, SHOOT.  The latter can be done while moving, but the former cannot be done (well) while shooting.  I still teach shooting on the move, but not as a tactic.  In my mind it is more of a skill building exercise.  A gunfight is a “divided attention” event.  You must do multiple things at the same time.  Teaching students to move and shoot accomplishes that…it builds the skill of “multitasking” with a gun in the hand.  That’s a good thing.

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