Thursday, December 26, 2019

Counter-Currents: "You're Going To Love Our New Country"

Western Rifle Shooters Association had linked to an article at Counter-Currents Publishing going by the title "You're Going To Love Our New Country." Problem was, when I followed the link, Counter-Currents had taken down the article. I tried the Google cache, but it only gave me an error message. Duck Duck Go only linked to the original article. But Bing had a cached version. Unfortunately, WRSA did not allow comments, so I wasn't able to post this information there.

    The article is mostly about The Great Replacement. It also delves into the fact that although Christians, by and large, vote conservatively, there are certain large denominations (The Church of God in Christ, the National Baptist Convention, and the African Methodist Episcopal Church) that vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. So, the author cautions, don't expect Christian immigrants to save the Republic. The author continues:
      What do the demographic changes mean for the little people? Well, if one considers themselves a proponent of the Constitution and its amendments, chew on the fact that half of blacks don’t see guns as protective, but instead believe guns put people’s safety at risk. Additionally, three out of four blacks believe hate speech is an act of violence. What exactly is hate speech? How does one draw the line between a sentence being hateful or not? Is it the emotion that flows through a sentence? Blacks believe speech, the saying of words, is an act, the doing of a thing, and a violent one.

      One would presume that blacks understand true violence since they commit murder at more than five times the rate of whites. Moreover, free speech, the avenue by which political dissidents and minorities are allowed to express themselves without fear of legal suppression, is seen by minorities as harmful to minorities. This circle of anti-logic is the future of multi-racial America.

      Fanning the flame, legal immigration, which we’re told is a boon to the economy and a blessing to American citizens, currently lends a true unemployment rate of 21 percent, which is double the rate prior to the recent Great Recession. Our people, the heart of the country, have not recovered from the 2008 crisis and it’s only getting worse.
He concludes:
     Think of that terrible movie Gravity wherein George Clooney selflessly sacrifices his life for Sandra Bullock, drifting into space until he dies of thirst or cold, whichever comes first. America’s death will be similar, whites sacrificing themselves for non-whites across the planet, although the film’s drama and beauty will be replaced with a dingy Netflix Original Series that’s thirty years long with dozens of films of whites nodding off on heroin or not waking up after ingesting a handful of oxycodone.

     It is time to reject the I-don’t-see-race tomfoolery; race sees you. A high-minded individual being mobbed by a gang of minorities is not living by his principles, he is merely a bruised and bloodied chump. That non-whites and the uni-party establishment want us dead and gone is now openly admitted, just imagine how things will go when we too are a minority.
The unemployment rate he mentions is including the number of people that are not employed and have ceased looking for work.

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