Monday, December 9, 2019

Glock Is Teasing a New Product

Glock is teasing a new product with details to be released tomorrow morning. Speculation is rampant, with everything from something mundane (like some mix of frame/slide size that hasn't been offered before), a .22 pistol or a pistol caliber carbine (PCC) to perhaps a rifle. The latter three theories are bolstered by the choice of photographs and visuals used in the announcements: one shows a woman with a backpack standing at the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean, with both arms thrown up in the air as if to welcome the rising sun; and the second shows a man, also wearing a pack, standing on a rocky outcrop overlooking what look to be highland moors, with crosshairs (target?) down in one corner. (You can see both advertisements at this TTAG post). The latter article also indicates that Glock has a currently empty web-page for a Glock Model 44. Finally, although it may be fake, someone posted a logo reading: "Start your journey Plink 44 Glock" superimposed over crosshairs.

    It seems pointless to speculate with the announcement less than a day away, but what the heck! Notwithstanding the cross-hairs, neither of the people in the photographs are dressed as hunters, but appear to be persons just on a casual hike. So I think a rifle is definitely out. The suggestion is freedom and the outdoors: i.e., lightweight and/or compact. The cross-hairs are probably there to suggest a target rather than an telescopic sight.

    Glock skipped over 44 a few years ago when they introduced the G45, and they've since released other products. This suggests that this product may have been something in development for some time--i.e., something that was hard to engineer or, at least, to bring to mass production.

     Plinking is commonly associated with .22 rimfires.

    So, my guess is going to be a lightweight, high capacity .22 pistol.

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