Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tugging on Superman's Cape

          Mazda Tara Kurdan comments on an interview given by Yigit Bulut, Turkish President Erdogan's chief aid, wherein Bulut purportedly "asks the US to stop sending its dogs and instead face #Turkey by itself, claims the US has no strength to fight against #Turkey in the region."

          A few days ago, Solomon at SNAFU! caught a short Twitter report: "Big Turkish army convoy including APCs drove thru HTS controlled Idlib in Syria heading towards AlEis, a rebel controlled frontline with Syrian gov forces &allies. Turkish army convoy was escorted whole time by AlQaeda linked HTS group." Solomon commented: "The Turks are getting assistance from ISIS, who we're trying to kill, while they are trying to kill the YPG that is helping us kill ISIS, while we're trying to protect the YPG from the Turks while the Russians, Syrians and Iranians laugh at us all."

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