Friday, January 12, 2018

Trump Shifts the Overton Window As To Third World Immigration

        Reports have come out that, during discussions between President Trump and various Congress-critters wanting to keep open-borders, President Trump supposedly questioned the wisdom of importing people from third world sh!tholes. (Originally, it was reported that he used the term in reference to Haiti, but it has been clarified that he used it in reference to Africa). 

       Of course, the press viciously condemned the observation, apparently reasoning that it was somehow racist and beyond the pall, notwithstanding the general approbation of similar comments directed toward white Americans--"deplorables," anyone? (See, e.g., this op-ed from The Atlantic and the comments to it). Thus, I was pleased that, instead of a universal "how dare he" there were many comments similar to this from Charlie Martin at PJ Media: "Third, no matter what Trump actually said, Haiti really is a shithole." Or this from Liz Shield:
        ... Congress reacted to the remarks and Tucker Carlson defended the president. 
         “The idea that you are not allowed to say that they’re pretty crummy countries, Haiti for example or El Salvador, I’ve been in both of them — that’s why people are leaving them to come here,” Carlson said. “So I don’t understand what the sin is. You’re not allowed to point out that other countries aren’t as good places to live as America?” 
         That's right. There are sh!thole countries. If you live in a country with an unstable electrical grid, crumbling infrastructure, or people dying from medieval-era diseases, that's a sh!thole. I wouldn't want to live there and that's why people in those countries want to GET OUT and come to America. The former president of the kleptocratic, corrupt country that looks the other way while its criminals traffic human children, weapons and drugs that kill Americans across our shared border responded to Trump on Twitter: “Your mouth is the foulest shithole in the world,” said Vincente Fox.
     The reason I'm encouraged is because it shifts the Overton Window--the range of acceptable political dialogue--so now we can consider whether the United States should function as a lifeboat for the dysfunctional third-world, or if we should limit immigration to those nations that are similar to us and to those people that would offer a positive contribution to America.


  1. Don't import people from dysfunctional cultures.

    Some will say, “But you have to be charitable, you can’t just let them starve because they’ve had some bad luck.” To that I’d say an individual, or a family, can have some bad luck. But the places these people come from have had “bad luck” for centuries. Their bad luck is the consequence of their political, economic, and social systems. It makes no sense, it’s idiotic, to import—at huge expense—masses of people that have a culture of “bad luck.”


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