Saturday, January 27, 2018

January 27, 2018 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

A comparison of the Tower of Babel and Globalism.

The depth of the wound is what matters with strips.
    – Less than 3/16″ deep probably okay to use tape (strips).
      – Above 1/4″ probably should be sutures.
        At 3/16″ it is iffy, tape or suture.
        • "Chickens: The most valuable animal on the homestead"--Backwoods Home Magazine. An article about raising chickens. It is not quite a primer, but instead a look at some of the highlights and give you an idea of what you will need to successfully raise chickens and why you might want to in order to be self-sufficient.
        • "OTIS Bore Stick"--The Firearms Blog. A Shot Show product announcement. And this sounds like a great product. It is a chemically treated stick that you can insert into a barrel to keep it from corroding during long term storage, along with a plastic plug to seal the end of the barrel. It is supposed to be good for up to two years of storage. There will be three models, for rifles, pistols and shotguns, of course. Pricing is pretty reasonable too: $5 for a single stick, or $7 for a double pack.
        • I'm not so sure this is good news: "First GEMTECH Suppressors Manufactured At S&W"--The Firearms Blog. GEMTECH is a Boise, Idaho based silencer manufacturer that was purchased by Smith & Wesson last year. At the time of purchase, GemTech was in the process of constructing a new manufacturing facility in Meridian, Idaho (a suburb of Boise). According to this article, S&W has manufactured its first GemTech silencers at an S&W facility in Springfield, Massachusetts. To my mind, this is an indication that S&W will probably wind down production in Idaho; there would be no reason to move production to Massachusetts unless they planned on abandoning the Idaho facility.
        • "Flu Season From Hell Keeps Getting Worse"--Bloomberg. The CDC expects at least 50,000 dead from this season's flu by the time it is all over.
        • Paging Al Gore: "IN PICTURES: French Alps hit by 'once-in-a-generation' snow storms"--The Local
        • "The Knobkerrie"--Dreaming of Sunsets Over Ochre Dunes. The author received training in using sticks and batons as a prison guard. He opines that the Knobkerrie (a walking stick with a knobbed head) would be a great defensive weapon. 
        • Immigration is our strength: "The MSM Faces the Truth About Sweden"--PJ Media. The author notes: "Sweden is undergoing a 'sexual assault crisis' owing to the immigration of 'men from extremely patriarchal cultures' and that Sweden's self-described 'feminist government' has 'quietly abandoned women.'"
        Top NASA officials and their partners in the International Space Station program gathered in Tokyo this past Friday and Monday, Popular Mechanics has learned, for behind-closed-doors talks on the next big step in human spaceflight: the lunar orbiting station. Officially known as the Deep Space Gateway, or DSG, the modular outpost will occupy an egg-shaped orbit around the moon in the 2020s, when it replaces the ISS and becomes the main destination for astronauts and cosmonauts.

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