Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Reconquista

Black Pigeon Speaks (11 min.)

       Black Pigeon doesn't argue that it will necessarily mean the end of the United States as a political entity, but, rather, the end of the United States as we know it because of the replacement of the peoples and culture that have historically made up the United States.

       I doubt it will be all that peaceful. I would note that we have been at war with Mexico, with open conflict off and on, for 150 years. The Zimmerman Telegram was so decisive in pushing the United States into World War I because it followed on the heels of armed attacks from Mexico and plot to encourage an insurrection among Latinos in Texas and the American South West. It wasn't viewed as delusional or wishful thinking on the part of Germany, but a real and possible threat.


  1. If you live in a part of the US with a significant population of Mexicans (not to be confused with Americans of Hispanic ancestry, who may not even know how to speak Spanish), things have already dramatically changed. Maybe I shop at the wrong stores, but it seems that Spanish is the predominant language of the other customers in the store. There are parts of the city I live in that look a lot like the pictures of the barrios in Mexico I've seen. Even the church I belong to has an administratively separate Spanish language congregation. The influx of Mexicans has resulted in a general coarsening of life.

    I could go on, but the point is that the state I live in looks nothing like it did when I first moved here because of illegal immigration - I feel like I live in a foreign country.

    1. Victor Davis Hanson has made similar comments regarding California, and especially the Central Valley where his family farm is located.


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