Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Summer of Troubles

       I noted the other day an article from David P. Goldman discussing why the current, baseless accusations being raised against Pres. Trump represented not an attempt at impeachment, but a de facto coup attempt by the Establishment and Deep State. Remember that Trump was elected to fight not one, but two empires: a transnational empire of international law that's primary focus is trade and national (imperial) security; and an Empire of Ideology primarily rooted in cultural Marxism. And as Daniel Greenfield observes:
These two types of imperialists are incapable of representing native workers or communities because they are transnationalists. Their vision is cosmopolitan, rather than representative. They are entranced with a byzantine international arrangement and uninterested in the lives of the people they are ruining.
Paul Joseph Watson has posted a video (below) discussing the narrative that is being formed to delegitimize Trump, with the aim of forcing him from office.

Paul Joseph Watson (6 min.)

Watson believes that Trump could only gain a reprieve, albeit temporary, by getting the U.S. involved in a war, which would satiate the first empire for a while, but only for a while. Second, he could try and fight back against the Deep State, which will just see a war at home in the form of riots, protests, and endless harping from the MSM.

       I had noted the other day a story discussing George Soros' essentially buying up district attorneys and prosecutors in local elections, and suggested that a list of these would be useful for predicting where the rioting will be the worst. The reason I raised that issue is because the decision of whether to prosecute criminals, and what charges to pursue, lies with the district attorney's and prosecutors (essentially different names for the same thing: the chief attorney representing the State in criminal prosecutions)--what is termed, "prosecutorial discretion."

       At any rate, it is a given that we will probably see outright riots this summer. To what extent is unknown. I'm sure that the organizers of these events will want something similar to the "long hot summer" of 1967 which saw 159 race riots across the United States, including major riots in Harlem, Brooklyn, and Newark. In the latter case--Newark--the city never recovered from the riots which induced "white flight" and a loss of businesses and jobs to the City. Again, Paul Joseph Watson has a video about how the left is planning for more aggressive "protests" this summer.

Paul Joseph Watson (7 min.)

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