Thursday, February 16, 2017

How Los Pepes Took Down Pablo Escobar

The article at XPat Nation relates how Escobar attempted and failed to assassinate one of his lieutenants. In response:
       Feeling betrayed by a friend and disgusted by Escobar’s greed, Fidel formed a defense group [Los Pepes] against him and employed the same tactics he had learned working for him to use against him.
* * *
       Los Pepes’ war against Escobar lasted just under a year. They killed Escobar’s co-conspirators every day and hung signs from their necks that read: “For working for the drug terrorist (“narcoterrorista”) and baby-killer, Pablo Escobar. For Colombia. Los Pepes”. 
       Los Pepes burned a government warehouse which stored Escobar’s 17 luxury old cars. They murdered or threatened anyone who helped “The Boss,” whether they were lawyers, family, workers, anything. Those who were not killed by Los Pepes surrendered. The Medellin Cartel suddenly dissolved right under Escobar’s shiny white shoes. Escobar became terrified by all the violence. He bought plane tickets for his family to escape to the United States. 
        Los Pepes became the most horrifying paramilitary group in the country’s history. As their war against Escobar escalated daily, murdering everyone close to him and offering cash rewards for information on him, Los Pepes spooked the drug kingpin more than the government had ever been able to.
Just something to think about.

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