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February 2, 2017 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

"Populism and the END of the EU"--Black Pigeon Speaks
Black Pigeon makes an important point in this video: when the MSM or elites talk about "populism," what they really mean is "the will of the people." 

  • "5 Common Mistakes Good Guys Make In Self-Defense Situations"--The Truth About Guns. The five mistakes that the author lists are: (1) pursuing or shooting a fleeing felon; (2) continue to use force when the threat of imminent threat is gone (e.g., someone that has surrendered); (3) using deadly force against someone just because they are in your home; (4) using deadly force to protect property (not allowed in most states); and (5) giving up in a fight. Obviously, there are caveats and exceptions to everything, and some people may not agree with the points, but I think the reasoning is generally solid even if I don't agree with some of the specific examples or scenarios used by the author. Think of them as rules of engagement if that makes you feel better. 
  • Liberalism is the fear that someone, somewhere, is living his or her life as a healthy, happy human being: "Young girl screams with delight and cries tears of joy after she is given a SHOTGUN as a present in video posted by Beretta which sparked online backlash"--Daily Mail. The gun she received was a 686 Silver Pigeon.
  • "Outdoorsmans Rifle Chassis System Review" (Page 1) (Page 2) (Page 3) by Chris Denham (Publisher & Hunting Editor - Elk Hunter Magazine) at Long Range Hunting. This is another offering of an aluminum chassis system for Remington Model 700 rifles that allows the use of AR pistol grips, buffer tube and stock, in order to customize it as you see fit. The significant difference between this and other similar offerings is the price: $449 for the bare bones chassis is materially less than most of its competitors. The short-action chassis that the author tested only weighs 21.4 ounces.  Of course, it can have Piccatini rails attached, mount a bipod up front, or there are adapters available to attach it to a tripod.
  • "The Pelvic Shot: Ultimate stopper or over rated?"--by Dave Spaulding at Handgun Combatives. Key point:
      The most "famous" pelvic shot/wound ever recorded probably belongs to western lawman, buffalo hunter, gunfighter and legend Bat Masterson.  In 1875 in Sweetwater, Texas Masterson was involved in a shootout with Corporal Melvin King (U.S.Army) involving either hard feelings over a card game or the affections of a woman, historians go both ways on the issue. I know, I know...the shooting involved liquor, gambling and a women...hard to believe those three would result in a fight, right?
           Near midnight, Masterson left the Lady Gay Saloon accompanied by Mollie Brennan and walked to a near by dance hall.  Masterson and Brennan sat down near the front door and began talking. Corporal King, intoxicated and angry over the night’s events (either loosing at cards or Brennan's attention to Masterson), saw the two go into the dance hall and watched them through the window before he approached the locked door. King knocked and Masterson got up to answer it. As he did, King burst into the room with a drawn revolver and a string of profanity. While stories as to exactly what happened vary, somehow Brennan found herself between the two men when King fired (whether she was trying to protect Masterson or simply trying to get out of the way is unknown), the first shot narrowly missed her and struck Masterson in the abdomen and shattered his pelvis taking him to the floor. King’s second shot hit Brennan in the chest and she crumpled to the floor. At this point, Masterson raised himself up and fired the shot that killed King. Some say Bat Masterson walked with a cane the remainder of his life due to the severity of the pelvic wound while others say he merely used it as an excuse to keep an impact weapon with him at all times...a weapon he was known to use with great effectiveness!
             Its the bold sentence that is of great concern to those who question the pelvic shot.  I have talked to several people over the years who have either been involved or have been witness to armed conflict in which a pelvis shot was delivered and all describe the victim of said wound go down while at the same time, this person was capable of remaining in the fight. This being the case, one must ask themselves if incapacitation is the same as lack of mobilization? Incapacitation means being unable to take action while immobilization means not being able to move...are they the same thing?
        Read the whole thing.

        Other Stuff:
                 ... libertarianism is a reproductive strategy designed to function alone, in spread out areas with low population densities, where large groups do not form. In r/K Theory, it is akin to the breakdown in r/K that occurs when population densities drop.
                   Koch [a libertarian used as example] is designed to function alone, avoid trouble with others, and only fight as a last resort, if it is absolutely necessary. He lacks the group-forming and reflexively competing urge of the K-strategist. Without that urge, he cannot fathom why we should have borders, or try to out-compete other nations by only buying American. He wants to avoid all conflict, and he is driven to do that by minimizing any constraints we impose on others.
            He explains that if r individuals are like rabbits, and K are like wolves, the libertarian can be thought of a bear--solitary and simply wanting to be left alone.
            • A lot of blogs and articles have been referencing Rod Dreher's recent piece entitled "Creating The White Tribe" at The American Conservative. Most of the piece are comments from a couple of Dreher's readers. The first reader comments about his financial struggles, notwithstanding his "white privilege," but that the left's cacophony of voices telling him that he is "drowning in unearned power and privilege, and America will be a much brighter, more loving, more peaceful nation when I finally just keel over and die," has made the Alt-Right (including elements of white identity politics) very appealing. His reader ends by warning:
            If the Left can’t let go of identity politics, then let me be clear: What comes next is on THEM. A lot of us don’t want to live in a world of tribes, and we never asked for it. But people will like those young dudes attracted to white nationalism are going to play the game according to the rules as they find them, and they will play to win. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
            In my opinion, it is too late. We may still be teetering on the edge of the cliff, but sufficient force has been applied so that the outcome has already been determined, and we are going over the cliff.
                     The speaker, who is wearing a Black Lives Matter sweatshirt, isn’t identified by name but says at one point, “I am a pre-school teacher who is going to f**king radicalize mother-f**king four year olds and five year olds.” This brings a huge cheer from the crowd.
                       After opening the rant with, “F**k white supremacy. F**k the U.S. empire” the speaker attacks capitalism. “You know what America thrives off of? Capitalism,” the speaker says, adding, “We use our mother=f**king, f**king black and brown bodies to live and survive while white people own f**king properties after that.” But the speaker has a solution for this problem, “So you know what we need to do? We need to start giving f**king money.” The rant continues, “White people, give your f**king money, your f**king house, your f**king property, we need it f**king all. You need to reparate black and indigenous people right now.”
                         A minute or so later, the speaker takes it up a notch saying, “And we need to stark killing people. ..."
                  As California continues to evolve into a one-party state, the end game of its Leftists is now becoming clear: not just a series of "sanctuary" cities to facilitate the Reconquista, but a "sanctuary" state, leading eventually to the real goal of full-blown secession from the rest of the country.
                  He concludes:
                  High on the new administration's political agenda must be the American reconquest of California. A rogue state, whose demographics are changing so rapidly that the Republican Party now has no chance to elect statewide representatives, cannot be allowed to slowly seceded from a Union it once supported.
                           ... Iran is the poster-child for civilizational failure. Iranian women had seven children in 1979 and have just 1.7 children today, which means that Iran will be the first country to get old before it gets rich. By 2040 it will have an elderly dependent ratio like Europe's with a tenth the per capita income, and that is a social death sentence.
                             A quarter of Iran's married couples claim to be infertile, the highest rate in the world, probably because between 12% and 21% of Iranian women are infected with venereal disease, as I have reported previously. That is the case because Iran's mullahs make most of their income by pimping, that is, signing "temporary marriage" certificates. Iran is the most dissolute and depraved society in modern history, and its demographic collapse is already baked in the cake. Little wonder that its ruling mullahs look at the world through an apocalyptic lens.

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