Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February 15, 2017--A Quick Run Around the Web

"SUPERDRY Tinder You Find Everywhere"--
Survival Lilly (about 4-1/2 min.)

Firearms and Prepping:
  • "Battery Failure Assessment"--Blue Collar Prepping. The author describes his experience with a dead battery, and couple tests you can do with a multimeter to test the voltage of the battery and the alternator. However, I've found that most of the time when a battery dies, it is because it simply can't take a load and charge with sufficient amperage. This generally requires a trip to the autoparts store for them to perform a load test or conductance test. (More about battery testing here).
  • "The Danish Candle"--Dreaming Of Sunsets Over Ochre Dunes. Essentially, making a rocket stove out of a log using a drill.
  • "An Introduction to Reloading for Handguns"--Guns America Blog. A very good and detailed description and instructions on reloading handgun (straight walled) ammunition. The author also links to an instructional video he has made.
  • "What?!?!? AR-15s Eligible for C&R FFL Transfers"--The Firearms Blog. Yup, the AR platform is so old that early AR-15s are now curios and relics. Another example that just because a design is old doesn't meant that it isn't good.
  • "6 Reasons why you should own a kerosene heater"--Modern Survivalist. Because they are quick to set up and designed to be used indoors. We originally bought a kerosene heater back when we lived in an apartment with only electric baseboard heating, for the purpose of a source of backup heating. We ended up using the kerosene heater to supplement our heating because, in the coldest weather, the baseboard heating was insufficient. Now that we are in a house with a fireplace, the kerosene heater has been relegated to an emergency backup role to supplement the fireplace and to heat the garage in winter if, for some reason, I have to be out there working.
  • "The Authentic Lumber Sexual Guide to Ax Work"--Survival Sherpa. Don't let the title to this article throw you off or dissuade you. The title is because of the author's disdain for those men who like to play the roll of tough outdoorsmen (including an ax over the door), but don't actually know how to use an ax. The author then goes on to remedy that lack of knowledge, detailing how to use axes for felling timber and processing it.

Other Stuff:
... it appears this will progress, with an increasingly extreme minority left exploiting media and leadership advantage over an increasingly agitated rightist majority of increasing size. The more aggressive the pushback the leftists face, the more extreme and oppressive they will become. That is a prescription for inevitable civil war, and possible leftist extermination camps.
           SpaceX is preparing to launch a lethal, antibiotic-resistant superbug into orbit on February 14, to live its days in the microgravity environment of the International Space Station (ISS). 
             The idea is not to weaponise space with MRSA - a bacterium that kills more Americans every year than HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's disease, emphysema, and homicide combined - but to send its mutation rates into hyperdrive, allowing scientists to see the pathogen's next moves well before they appear on Earth.
      • "The New Mexican War"--Diplomad. This was an interesting treat for me because I had just been discussing with my son this past week that I believed the country we were most likely to go to war with (not a raid or "nation building," but actual war) was Mexico. Anyway, the Diplomad writes:
               That said, I also have long considered Mexico a major threat to America. I have dealt with Mexican diplomats at the UN, the OAS, and in Central and South America. They are first rate. They are patriotic, well-trained, dedicated, and hard working. They, almost to a man and a woman, are also possessed with a deep, deep animus towards the United States. At the UN and the OAS, for example, Mexico, in my experience, played the role of opponent to whatever we sought to do. They not only consistently voted against us, they collaborated with our opponents on resolutions and projects antithetical to our interests, and, for example, refused to oppose Cuban and Venezuelan human rights violations. They rarely passed on an opportunity to stick it in our eye.
                  Mexico had a major role in fostering guerrilla groups in Central America during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, backing off only when it became a hindrance to the NAFTA deal with the United States, and when some of the groups began operating in Mexico. Mexico is feared and resented throughout Central America as a bully and for its mistreatment of Central American migrants. The horror stories these migrants tell of their passage through Mexico are hair-raising and heartbreaking.

            * * *

                     The Southwest USA does not "belong" to Mexico. Mexico, please note, held California for about 25 years; they had Texas for even less time. Spain held the area for a couple hundred years, and we've had it for some 170 years. So enough with that argument. It is tiresome.
                       The USA has the right to defend its sovereignty and borders. Mexicans have no right of access to the US any more than anybody else does.
                  He also discusses how Mexico has interfered with our elections and is engaging in lawfare over immigration. Read the whole thing.

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