Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

Paul Joseph Watson (8 min.)

  • "Atibal XP8 Review: Budget Done Right!"--The New Rifleman. The author reviews Atibal's new 1-8x illuminated reticle scope and likes what he sees. Which makes me think I jumped in too early on an AR telescopic sight ... but you gotta jump in at some time.
  • "The Fallacy of Reviews – Sample Size of One"--The Firearms Blog. The author writes to remind readers that a single review may not paint an accurate picture of a firearm. He gives as an example the Military Arms Channel's recent negative review of the new Remington RP9. After other glowing reviews came out, the Military Arms Channel got hold of another exemplar and found that the handgun was not that bad after all. The moral of the story:
Always get additional opinions. Reviews of guns are only on a single gun and may not reflect the performance of the platform.  A bad review does not mean the firearm is bad or that the article is truthful as it is a bad review. Don’t just latch onto the first or most boisterous opinion you find. Spend the time, do the research, and make informed choices.
  • Speaking of which: "Gun Review: SIG SAUER P320 RX Compact"--Nick Leghorn at The Truth About Guns. This is the model that ships with a small reflex sight installed. Leghorn's basic determination was that the firearm (with reflex sight installed) was too big and bulky for concealed carry.
  • "Survival Saturday: Successful Prepping in an Urban Environment"--The Truth About Knives. Some basic points made by the author: (1) don't brag about your preparations; (2) be careful what you wear (i.e., don't go full camo) but try to be the "grey man"; (3) get to know your city; (4) don't make your BOB too heavy to carry; (5) don't trust anyone; (6) in line with what he said earlier, don't wear tactical gear; (7) have several bug-out locations (and, I would add, multiple routes); and (8) make water your number 1 priority.
  • "How I Feel About the Colt M1911 Handgun"--Nathaniel F. has penned a sarcastic piece about the 1911's continued relevance. Basically, why go with a 100 year old design? I guess my comment is that many of our firearms designs (or elements thereof) are equally as old: it is primarily the quality of the parts (mostly due to CNC machining) and materials that distinguish modern firearms from older designs--so why not? I have a WWII era 1911A1, and it probably would not be my first choice in a defensive handgun because it doesn't reliably feed hollowpoint bullets (although the Ruger ARX does fine), its heavy, and the sights are small and hard to see. However, it would do; and a newer version would do better. 
  • "Budget Bushcraft Gear: Finnish Army Wool Jacket and Pants"--Rocky Mountain Bushcraft. A review of some surplus Finnish wool pants and jacket available from Barre Army Navy Store for very reasonable prices--the whole set is less than what I recently paid just for a run-of-the-mill wool jacket. The author notes that the wool is thinner--more a 3 season thickness--but should be fine for 4-season wear if layered. 
  • "‘The Walking Dead’ Is A Defense Of Gun Ownership"--The Federalist. I don't watch The Walking Dead, but the author does and thinks that this recent season is an excellent argument for gun ownership. Key point:
The right to self-defense is God-given, natural, visceral, and as entwined with our humanity as breathing, eating, sleeping, or even love itself. So naturally, in their never-ending quest for power and dominance, liberals and would-be tyrants find it necessary upon seizing power to remove the right of their subjects to defend themselves and others. After all, why would individuals matter when the state is supreme? Really, shouldn’t we worry less about our own pathetic lives and get busy finding the state more “sh-t?”

The Swamp Fights Back:
  • "The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins"--Observer. Senior officials with the CIA and NSA don't want to provide sensitive intelligence to the National Security Council or the President. Supposedly (and in line with the current Deep State narrative) this is because they don't trust the President or Michael Flynn from releasing this information to the Russians. IMHO, if they don't want to do their job, they should be fired.
  • "Boo-Hoo: 'Civil Servants' Upset by Arrival of Trump"--Michael Walsh at PJ Media.

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