Thursday, February 16, 2017

February 16, 2017--A Quick Run Around the Web

iguardcalifornia (7 min.)

  • "Hardwired Tactical Snubby Super Test"--Active Response Training. A 15-round test (3 sets of 5 shots each) for those of you using a snub-nosed revolver for a concealed carry weapon or backup gun. Also note the difference in speed between a lightweight revolver (e.g. aluminum or scandium frame) versus a heavier revolver. Personally, my practice for rapid fire of a 5-shot revolver have always been based on an initial 3 rounds with the idea that I then have 2 rounds left in reserve. A compromise, I know, but one with which I am willing to live.
  • "Shop Owner Reminds Us to Stay Out of the Danger Zone"--Active Self Protection. Security camera footage from some type of deli or convenience store showing the female clerk being beat by a young black male. The key point is that the woman, at the beginning of the encounter, was in a work area that was walled off from the rest of the store: locked door and security windows. However, the perp made her angry enough by spraying some liquid through an opening, that she left the protection of her work space, was punched by the perp, then got up and again tried to engage him.
  • "A doomsday prepper's guide to surviving 'SHTF'"--Evening Standard. Prepping advice aimed at those in the U.K.: stockpile some gold or other portable "wealth", food, water and antibiotics. And for those attempting to bug out of London, the article recommends using a boat and trusting to the canals.
  • "Lessons Learned from Our WW II Squad Live Fire"--The Firearms Blog. If you have a Garand, or an interest in WWII or Korea era infantry combat, you will like this article.
  • Liberals turn to prepping: "Trump Administration Is Making These Cautious Liberals Act Like Paranoid Preppers"--Buzzfeed. Of course, we now have a new term to add to our lexicon: "Prepster". 
  • "Perceived Red Dot Problems"--Suarez International. Gabe Suarez addresses complaints about using red dots on a handgun--finding the dot, height over the bore, iron sights obscuring the dot, rain, and batteries--and dismisses them as over hyped. He has pointers as to each issue.
  • "I Don't Care If Navy Seals Use Your Product"--Vuurwapen Blog. Your purposes are not their purposes; your goals are not their goals. An excerpt:
SEALs have precision rifles that are really awesome and durable and weigh more than my ego. If you had to build one, you’d spend many thousands of dollars duplicating it. I’d rather put together a rifle that was lighter and didn’t kick as much or cost as much to shoot as .300 WinMag or .338 Lapua – and maybe something with longer barrel life, too, because I actually have to pay for all this stuff. The only time I’ve ever really *needed* a precision rifle was years ago when my friend Paul and I were competing in the Competition Dynamics 24 Hour “Sniper” Adventure Challenge. In that case, having a rifle was more of a check in the box than anything else. The Army Marksmanship Unit was there in 2012 and on the stages they made it to, they outshot everyone – but their gear weighed so much that they couldn’t make it over all the hills to complete the course. My rifle and gear was much lighter than anything you’d find issued to a military unit at any level, with corresponding reductions in accuracy and durability, but we placed higher because we actually managed to finish the course.

Other Stuff:
       ... Mattis hasn't done anything alarming.  He's laying low but I have noticed one thing that should be troubling.
           In a quiet, almost Rumsfeld like fashion he is getting in place personal loyalist.  Trump shot down a deputy Mattis wanted but in true Marine Corps fashion he's continued moving forward ... the appointment of Harward as National Security Adviser would be a feather in the hat of not only Mattis but of the Establishments that I mentioned.  He will be seen as a "moderating" force in the Trump inner circle.
    • "The Deep State will not go easily"--Michael Kennedy at Chicago Boyz. One of the things that got Flynn in trouble with the intelligence branches was his intention to disclose details of the Iran deal. Kennedy wonders what is so damning about the Iran deal that both Iran and the intelligence community are so intent on keeping the details secret.
    • "Symbols Of Christianity And K-Selection"--Anonymous Conservative. Some interesting observations by the author:
            As I looked at the crucifix I realized the symbol of Christianity is basically a symbol representative of the extraordinary pain Christ willingly endured. The symbol is an actual crucifix Christ was forced to carry, and which he was nailed to and hung from, in order to torture him and kill him.
              It isn’t a symbol of force-superiority, like a weapon, or a particularly capable warrior. There is no sword, or spear, or arrows, and no representation of Saint Michael or Charles Martel. The symbol is just unimaginable-pain, borne for others, that killed the very person who sacrificed all for us. And if you find a house of worship, it is displayed all around, and usually on top of it as well. It almost seems macabre in any other light. A building with the tool of torture and murder proudly displayed all around it, and even rendered holy. And yet, I can imagine no better symbol of the K-strategy. Mortal salience and sacrifice indeed.
                Liberalism as an ideology has no real symbol, but if you look at symbols associated with it in marches, they are rainbow-colored flags, vagina hats, vagina costumes, and so on. Even Hillary’s symbol was not about bearing hardship for the good of the nation, but rather just representative of cruising to progress and liberal utopia. In that light it almost seems obvious they would never display a picture that would trigger contemplation of pain, death, or sacrifice. Rainbows and pussies are what they display as representative of their movement.
                 There are those on both the left and right who call for American unity. But these calls are either naive or disingenuous. Unity was possible between the right and liberals, but not between the right and the left.
                 ... There will be unity only when the left vanquishes the right or the right vanquishes the left. Using the First Civil War analogy, American unity was achieved only after the South was vanquished and slavery was abolished.
          Although it is currently non-violent--particularly when compared to the social upheaval and violence of the 1960s and '70s--Prager does not believe it will remain that way. Read the whole thing.
          • "Days of Rage"--Status 451. A review of a book of the same title, discussing the riots, terrorism and other political violence of the 1970s. Takeaway quote: "People have completely forgotten that in 1972 we had over nineteen hundred domestic bombings in the United States." The article is a long read, but well worth your time.


          1. Re: America's Second Civil War

            I saw this recently in a comment to a short story (
            "Balkanization is our future. The civil war will not look like Gettysburg. It will look like Sarajevo."

            1. That sounds about right: splits within families, neighborhoods, etc. Just as we were warned over 100 years ago.


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