Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ghost 3.5 Trigger Connector

I purchased a new Glock 34 earlier this summer and was disappointed to discover that I could not shoot it anywhere near as accurately as my older Glock 26. The first issue was that I had initially installed a larger backstrap, which, while feeling comfortable, was just a tad too large for me to get a good grip on the handgun. The second, and probably more serious issue, was that the trigger pull was just too heavy--much heavier than my G26.

To address this issue, I ordered a Ghost 3.5 Trigger Connector. This is a drop in connector intended to lighten the trigger pull. Installation is pretty straight forward, and the company has a decent set of instructions at its web site. The only issue I had was with replacing the locking block pin (the last part of the reassembly process).

The issue was the tail end of the spring for the slide lock. (See photograph below).

In the photograph, the red arrow points at the tail of the slide stop spring. Just above it is the locking block pin, which fits transverse the frame. I had not paid attention to the exact position of the spring. When you have replaced the slide stop, the tail of the spring will extend across the hole for the locking block pin, and it is not apparent whether the tail of the spring should go above or below the pin. It goes below, as pictured above. If it is above the pin, the slide stop will engage whether or not the magazine is present.

Other than that issue, the installation was not difficult. And dry firing the handgun made it clear that the new trigger connector made a significant difference in reducing the weight of the trigger pull. It still is not as light as I would like, and perhaps I should have replaced the springs as well, but now I'm confident that I can get better accuracy.

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