Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Quick Run Around the Web--August 19, 2015

Firearms and self-defense related posts today:

  • Be wary of driving or walking into an ambush. The situation the Agents faced in this case was referred to as a ‘firesac’ in Soviet military doctrine. This is an ambush that occurs from multiple simultaneous directions. Initially, they encountered a blocking position. Then, they began to take fire from multiple angles. The only way to escape a situation like that is to retreat as quickly as possible. Retreating is a tactic we don’t practice much but we should.
  •  We like to think that reinforcements, aka ‘The Cavalry,’ are always going to be available and quickly. That’s just not always true. At Pine Ridge, approximately five hours passed before the Agents could be reached. This was due to the suppressive fire encountered by the incoming reinforcements. The Agents were long dead before they could be helped. Be mentally prepared for the fact you may have to extricate yourself and anyone with you without any help. You’re not doomed until you give up. Then you’re doomed for sure.
  •  The concept of ‘fight your way to your rifle’ is of dubious worth in actuality. Saying that is probably heresy but it’s true. Once the shooting starts, if all that’s within arm’s reach is a handgun, most likely the handgun is what you will use until the conclusion of the encounter. If you think a fight is coming, better get the long gun out before the first gunshots sound and before you are seen. Notice Coler’s trunk, as soon as you open that trunk, you have targeted yourself. The same thing happened to Gordon McNeil in The Miami Massacre 11 years after Pine Ridge.
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  • With the foregoing in mind: "When Things Go Wrong…" from the Loadout Room, a review of the Tactical Survival Solutions "Wild Hedgehog" personal trauma kit.
  • And some posts from The Lizard Farmer on preparing a defense of a retreat:
  1. "Defense: Applying Logical Processes In Planning and Execution of Homestead Defense"
  2. "Defense: Homestead Case Study – Back to Terrain Pt.1"
  3. "Defense: Homestead Case Study – Back to Terrain Pt.2"
  4. "Defense: More Concepts To Take Into Consideration"


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