Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What's Happening in Yemen?

SNAFU! has a blog post today indicating that "Saudi Bradley IFV's are getting shredded in Yemen." This is based on a video which he has posted showing some Bradley's biting the dust. It is not clear how the first one was destroyed (whether rocket or grenade), but the rebels that destroyed it approached to just a short distance; the second one in the video was taken out by someone literally running up to within a short distance and throwing some hand-held explosive into a gap between the turret and body. In both instances, the Bradley was operating without protection of infantry. Later in the video, it appears that the Bradley was hit by a rocket or artillery.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the Saudis are losing. Reuters reports that Saudi-led coalition is making advances against the Iranian backed rebels. However, the Houthi rebels have seen some success in the past two days (see here and here). However, it may be telling that Saudi Arabia has resorted to using cluster bombs. Israel faced sharp criticism for using cluster bombs in Lebanon, and it seems that Saudi Arabia should, accordingly, show some reluctance in using the weapons in Yemen unless the need was pressing.

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