Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Quick Run Around the Web--August 13, 2015

A little bit of everything:

The elite have a normalcy bias of their own and that is that the "common man" will continue to be a good boy.
However . . . .
The appearance of the Tea Party out of nowhere, the surge in popularity of Trump, and the well-developed and increasing public understanding of
  • public debt,
  • unfunded liabilities top and bottom,
  • the crime and unbreakable dysfunction of the black "community" and its "leadership,"
  • open borders fanaticism, 
  • MSM dishonesty and manipulation,
  • Muslim savagery and commitment to subversion and treachery,
  • Muslim "refugee" resettlement,
  • mad off-shoring and outsourcing of manufacturing and services,
  • monetary blindness,
  • strategic imbecility, and
  • Supreme Court betrayal
all hint that such normalcy bias is unwise.
Porretto has written lucidly about "let it burn" thinking and Trump is the present focus of such thinking. He announces to any and all the arrival of (1) a desire to break furniture on the part of the unwashed and (2) a rather serious weakening of the desire to be "good boys."
It's clear the world is in these last throes of the failed socialist utopian experiment of which our educated classes and many willing citizens are so enamored. Further economic deterioration, especially, the squeeze on the middle class and unemployed citizens displaced by cheap illegal alien labor, will act like a catalyst for the arrival of America 2.0.
Think "inflection point" in our lifetime, but without the A/C, the buttered popcorn, or the special effects.

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