Saturday, June 16, 2018

Voodoo Tactical Cheek Rest for Savage Mk. II FV-SR

       The Savage Mark II FV-SR .22 rifle is an excellent little rifle, but it suffers from one distinct problem: although it is set up to use telescopic sights (in fact, there is no provision for installing iron sights), Savage put a drop comb stock on it. The consequence is that it is impossible to get a good cheek weld because you have to hold your head higher to see through an optic. Reading about the issue on various boards and forums, a lot of people choose to purchase a new stock from Boyd's. Others have recommended using a cheek riser.

       I opted for the latter route, and after looking around a bit, settled on the Voodoo Tactical Cheek Rest for fixed stock rifles. As a bonus, the cheek rests are offered in various colors, so I was able to get one that was a good match for the color of the stock. Here it is installed:

      The cheek rest is actually designed so that all three straps fit ahead of the sling attachment, and then a fourth strap fits over the butt to keep it from slipping forward on the stock. The Mark II has a short stock, and I didn't like it so far forward--it interfered with my shooting hand. As you can see, I instead installed it so the rearmost strap was behind the sling attachment. This seems to hold it in place well enough that I don't need the strap across the butt.

       The cheek rest makes extensive use of velcro, and the riser pad actually attaches to a velcro panel. The pad is 1/4-inch thick, and, together with the rest of the unit, gives about a 1/2-inch rise. I would have liked a pad just a bit thicker--perhaps another 1/8 inch--but when shooting it in the field, I really don't notice that small of a difference. Of course, because it folds over the top of the stock, it also means that you are adding about an inch to the thickness of the stock. But it is a lot better ergonomics than was the bare, drop comb stock. The cheek rest retails for about $15, so it is a simple and inexpensive upgrade.

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