Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Damned by Faint Praise: The CMMG MK-47K Mutant Pistol

Patrick R. reviews the CMMG Mutant Pistol, and tries ... he really tries ... to provide a positive review. But the facts keep getting in the way:

  • "The short 10″ barrel is terminated in one of CMMG's own SV brake that should give neighboring shooters an impressive case of tinnitus."
  • "CMMG fits a 9″ KeyMod handguard to the gun in its base configuration unfortunately but you can upgrade to M-LOK for a $25 upcharge if you want a more robust attachment system."
  • "Trigger pull is unremarkable and right in line with every other mil-spec trigger that you have pulled over the last twenty years."
  • "The receiver endplate is a bit dated by today's standards with two HK style eyelets to hang a single point sling from."
  • "The pistol came with no sights to speak of ...."
  • "I wouldn't recommend shooting the pistol with the buffer tube pressed against your cheek. It sure feels like getting punched by someone every time you pull the mil-spec trigger."
  • "This thing is a ton of fun to blast with no expectation of hitting the target."
  • "The MSRP of $1499.95 is a bit too rich for my blood ...."

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