Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Is This A Future Miss America?

Or this ... ?

Or one of these ... ?

The Chairwoman of the Miss America Pageant has announced that contestants will no longer be judged based on how they look ... and is removing the swimsuit and evening gown portions of the competition.
         Instead of including a swimsuit portion in the competition, contestants will take part in a live interactive session with the judges, during which they'll be be asked to explain their passion, intellect and comprehension of the responsibilities that come with being crowned Miss America. 
         Furthermore, the section of the competition that involves the women wearing evening attire will also be eliminated from the proceedings. 
         Rather than wearing evening gowns, the participants will be asked to don an outfit that makes them feel confident in themselves and expresses their personal sense of style.
Personally I don't care. I haven't watched a beauty pageant for decades. But the whole point is that it was a beauty pageant. Now it is going to be merely another stage for dead-end feminism and/or Sharia law. Until next year (or the year after that) when its ratings will be so bad, that the whole thing is canceled. It is as Heartiste expressed yesterday: "The entire social justice/aggrotolerance/equalism movement is a revolt by the ugly and freakish against the beautiful and normal. The ideology has no morality nor purpose and exists only to substantiate in political radicalization the aggrieved spitefulness of life’s losers."


  1. I'm personally waiting for the first transgender Miss America.

    If a transgender woman enters the competition, she will necessarily win. The virtue-signaling-don't-want-to-be-transphobic judges will guarantee it.

    1. It will probably take at least a year or two for the person to make it through the local and state contests. But I think that you are correct--the transgender will win.