Friday, June 22, 2018

June 22, 2018 -- A Quick Run Around The Web

"Concealed carry: .380 ACP ammo selection"--Paul Harrell (14 min.)
Watch the whole thing, but I will note that he had better performance from the 3-3/4 inch barrel over a 3 inch barrel; and the Federal HST gave the best performance on Harrell's infamous meat target.

  • TGIF: Active Response Training's Weekend Knowledge Dump for this week--check it out! Lots of good articles, as always, but one in particular I want to mention is that he links to an article at Recoil Magazine called "Keep Your Head In A Fight" which I, by chance, happened to read yesterday evening. The article discusses medical aspects of shots to the head. The thing to remember is that medical care has improved so that head wounds damaging the brain that would have been considered automatically fatal even just a few years ago can, in fact, be survivable. However, don't apply pressure to such wounds to try and stem bleeding as that may put pressure on the brain and actually make things worse. One doctor cited in the article indicated that the best fluid for gun shot wounds to the brain was diesel--as in, get them to a trauma unit as fast as possible.
  • "THE TRUTH ABOUT THE DOUBLE ACTION PISTOL"--Gabe Suarez Blog. In this article, Suarez discusses the advantages of the DA/SA semi-automatic pistol. For those of you that became students of the gun in the 1980's and early 1990's, you probably trained with and/or owned a double-action/single-action pistol because those were the dominant and most popular designs at the time. Although I grew up shooting a single action semi-auto of my dad's, my first semi-auto handgun was a DA/SA ... as was my second, third, and fourth. Over the years, I replaced those with striker fired single-action handguns, but lately decided to go back to a DA/SA for concealed carry for a couple reasons (my "night stand" weapon will still be a Glock). First is safety: the longer, heavier trigger pull of the double-action mode is, just as with a revolver, a safety device protecting you from a discharge due to a startle response or similar (yes, I know that you should keep your fingers off the trigger, but I have also seen research that a majority of police officers, for instance, will unconsciously move their finger to the trigger if they believe that they may be coming to a situation where shooting may be required). And there is added safety with holstering the weapon and under other circumstances. Suarez specifically mentions, for instance, if you should need to carry the weapon sans holster, such as in a pocket or stuffed in a waist band. But you also get the advantage of single-action if you need it. My guess is that we will see a drift back to DA/SA pistols, especially when people start realizing the benefit to such weapons when carrying appendix carry. Anyway, read his article. I think he raises good points.
  • And another from Gabe Suarez: "THE TRUTH ABOUT THE LEVER ACTION RIFLE." Anyone following gun blogs regularly, or even the gun magazines, will notice an increased interest in level action guns both in response to a number of states banning so-called "assault weapons," and an increased interest in pistol caliber carbines. Suarez for many years, while an officer with the LAPD, describes how he suddenly saw the need for an effective "trunk gun" after the Rodney King riots, and started using a .30-30 lever action with a barrel cut back to 16 inches and some modification to the sights (which he later realized weren't really needed). The one thing that I would recommend different from Suarez is his selection of caliber: he recommends .30-30, but also notes that rifle will most likely be used at 100 yards or less. At that range, .44 Magnum will be just as effective as the .30-30, but you will have a greater magazine capacity. Also, going to a large caliber pistol caliber allows you to use the Winchester 92 action, such as Rossi's Model 92, which come standard in 16-inch barrel lengths (although longer barrels are available) and is available in various calibers, including.357 Mag./.38 Special, .44 Magnum/.44 Special, .and .454 Casull/.45 Colt, or just 45 Colt. If you decide to go that route, Steve's Gunz is the place to go for parts for the Rossi 92, and he even can work on your action to smooth it up. He also sells mounts so you can attach a red dot to your carbine.
  • "Mexico City: Human remains with narcomanta found on Insurgentes Norte"--Borderland Beat. The article reports that "[i]n an unprecedented event for Mexico City, on Sunday morning the remains of at least two people were scattered on Insurgentes Norte Avenue, at the intersection of Ricardo Flores Mag√≥n, in the Nonoalco Tlatelolco neighborhood."
  • If you think that can't happen here in the U.S.: "Man killed two women in Miami, dumped bodies on street, police say"--Miami Herald. The suspect, Juan Carlos Hernandez-Caseres, is an illegal alien from Honduras. 
  • "PROHIBITIONISM WORKS/NEVER WORKS: Fighting a civil war of values"--Front Page Magazine. Daniel Greenfield writes about the Left's attempts to impose its morality on the rest of the country, and observes that its success in certain areas was relatively easy because it was dismantling social sanctions (e.g., drugs, gay marriage, etc.), but has been unable to win as to gun control because it is much harder to impose social sanctions. He also notes:
           Political divisions can be endured, but sustaining moral divisions in a single country requires an even greater compromise. And the left is not about to accept the same moral libertarianism that it had demanded throughout the twentieth century. It is convinced that it won. And winners don’t compromise. They take everything.
             But the left didn’t actually win. It just wrecked the house. It didn’t unite the country under its values. Instead its social catastrophes are destroying the very idea of values around the country and the world.
               It reminds me of the Cold War when the most “convinced” communists were not idealists or even revolutionaries, but cowards.  They “knew” the Soviet Union would win and had preemptively donned the uniform of the would-be winners in the hopes they’d be eaten last.
                Apparently, the diversity warriors are in the same boat.  Having convinced themselves that the world is overwhelmingly “other” and that they are therefore on the losing side, they’ve gone on the attack, hoping to show the new overlords that they’re useful and should be killed last.
                 And for this we’re going through contortions, discarding the principle of meritocracy, and endangering civilization and prosperity for everyone.
                    It’s not altruism. It's not caring for the oppressed (most of whom don’t consider themselves so.)  It’s not even trying to be fair.
                      These people are scared.
                       It is their fear that leads them to run around advocating for destroying the only civilization in which cowards like them could survive.

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