Monday, March 25, 2024

Safety Tip: Don't Be Around Police Using Their Weapons

So some of you might have read about some excitement in Boise, Idaho, last week. A prisoner at the state prison south of town apparently had injured himself and been taken to one of the hospitals in town (St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center). As the Idaho Department of Corrections (IDOC) officers were escorting his out of the hospital, a friend of the prisoner showed up, shots were exchanged, and the two were able to escape even after Boise police showed up and entered the fray. They were subsequently tracked down in a town in southern Idaho about 130 miles away. 

Prior articles had noted that 3 of the IDOC officers were injured. But this article added a detail I had not seen before (underline added):

The suspects, Skylar Meade, 31, and Nicholas Umphenour, 28, fled in a stolen Honda Civic after they coordinated an attack at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in the Boise Bench, authorities said. Umphenour fired at IDOC officers as Meade, an Idaho prisoner being treated for self-inflicted injuries, was being transported back to prison, Boise police previously said. A third officer was shot by police.

Keep in mind that the IDOC officers were in uniform and one of them was still mistakenly shot by police. You can imagine what would have happened to a regular citizen with a concealed weapon if he or she had attempted to assist.


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