Thursday, April 21, 2016

Up on the Soap Box: A Case of Regret Equals Rape?

Apparently college women are being taught that “regret equals rape”--i.e., "that what first passes for a consensual sexual experience later can be called a rape by a woman who has second thoughts." Which brings me to this story from The Daily Mail: "BYU student says the Mormon school started investigating her for 'honor code' violations after 'she was raped'." To save you from having to read the whole story, here are the essential facts:
  • 20 year old Madi Barney decided to have a tryst with Nasiru Seidu, a Ghanian immigrant whom she believed to have been in his late 20s and unmarried. 
  • Barney claims that while at her apartment, Seidu raped her. She came to this conclusion after learning that Seidu was actually 39 years old and married. Specifically, the story states:

After the incident, Barney says she hesitated to report the rape, fearing that the school would find out and it would ruin her reputation at the conservative institution. 
    But when she learned that her attacker had lied about his identity, she became convinced that the rape was premeditated and decided to file a police report. Soon after, a cop turned her case file over to the school without her permission and her fears were realized.
    (Underline added). 
    • A sheriff's deputy provided a copy of the case file to BYU for reasons that are not clear. 
    • BYU began an investigating Barney for a possible violation of its Sexual Misconduct Policy. (Seidu is not a student at BYU, so obviously it isn't conducting an investigation of him).
    • Barney has now filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education, "claiming the school has violated Title IX by failing to aide her as a victim of sexual assault."
    Because BYU regulates what apartments single students can rent (yes, even the off-campus housing is regulated by the school), she would necessarily have been sharing an apartment with other young, single women. This strongly suggests that she took Seidu into her bedroom in violation of the moral code that the students are required to follow (the news reports are strangely silent as to the actual facts surrounding her alleged rape).

    With that in mind, it seems very likely that she violated the moral code--a code that is in place for her safety. As a result of the violation, she allegedly was sexually assaulted. Her argument is that because she claims to be the victim of a sexual assault, she ipso facto could not have violated the moral code, even though she clearly violated the code if she invited the man into her bedroom. In other words: "I was hurt so I didn't do anything wrong." Typical rabbit logic. And her filing a complaint against the school is yet another example that SJWs always double down.

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