Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Fate of r-strategists

There is a popular meme that goes: "Kill them all and let God sort them out." I've previously pointed out, however, that the Apocalypse and Second Coming does not actually require concerted action on the part of the righteous to eliminate the wicked--the wicked will kill many (perhaps most) of each other, and God (through natural disasters and, perhaps, more direct action) will eliminate the rest. The scriptures' description of the Lord gathering in his harvest of souls and then razing the vineyard or field is an apt metaphor. 

I was thinking of this as I read a recent post from the Anonymous Conservative, entitled "Migrant Children Bullying Local Children In Canada." Although describing the Apocalypse from the viewpoint of r/K theory and evolution, he makes essentially the same observation: we need do nothing to destroy the r-strategists (the "rabbits"), but they will do it to themselves.

The background for his comments is increased incidents of bullying of Canadian children by the kids of migrants, but that these migrant kids weren't being punished as a result. He goes on to write:
Look at this wonderful situation the rabbits have created. K-strategists can either watch their children be tormented, or they can engage in violence to defend them, and be imprisoned. The rabbits have substantially reduced the ability of any K-strategist to enjoy a significant fitness advantage, and they did it with no cost to themselves. They can act out against us without any personal risk or cost whatsoever. This is the strategy, and it is burned into the core of the rabbit’s subconscious. 
The key is to recognize that we are approaching the K-shift. Resources are beginning to constrict now, and they will collapse in the not too distant future. When they run out, there will be a period during which it will be survival of the fittest. Rabbits will beg for protection and help in surviving the bedlam. If they are left to fend for themselves, Darwin will reset the balance for us – brutally. 
Fight during times of r, and you are playing the rabbit’s game. Wait until the Apocalypse, and Darwin will play the game for you. All you need to do is let him. ... 

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