Tuesday, April 19, 2016

America's Insurgency

Overshadowed by the events in Europe is America's own immigration crises, which is a cause of discontent and social upset in the United States. It is largely an issue to which our leaders seem blind, but not everyone is ignoring the reality on the ground. From Small Wars Journal, an essay entitled "America’s Unacknowledged Insurgency: Addressing Street Gangs as Threats to National Security."

The author warns:
The United States faces an insurgency within its borders. While it contends with the Islamic State and al-Qaida – which seek to export violence to the homeland – an insurgency, intent on challenging the sovereignty of the U.S. government is already here. Furthermore, that same insurgency provides a conduit by which state and non-state threats can gain access to the United States. Finally, the insurgency threatens U.S. interests abroad by facilitating the operations of threat actors beyond the country’s borders. This multi-front assault against the United States is the work of street gangs – organized nationally and locally – which do nothing less than challenge U.S. sovereignty (regardless of whether they can spell “sovereignty”).
Read the whole thing.

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