Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 5, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

Some humor for you: "AK-74 Galore Part 1: Why 7.62x39 SUCKS!"--Firepower Unlimited. 

Today's "Quick Run" will focus on survival, prepping, and a couple firearms related posts:
  • "$18 Trigger Job from Taylor Tactical Supply"--The Firearms Blog. Can't afford a $150+ drop in match trigger for your AR. Taylor Tactical has some replacement parts that may help your trigger.
  • "Red Dot On A Handgun? Not As Useful As I Expected"--The Truth About Guns. Pistol mounted red-dots are looking to be the next "big thing" in sights for handguns. Suarez International makes Glock slides milled to accept a red-dot (as well as alternate mounts), Glock has even begun selling its own models designed to accept a red-dot. However, Nick Leghorn writes that it may not be all that useful for you. For, against, or indifferent, this article may be worth a read.
  • "The Number One Knife Skill for Wilderness Survival and Self-Reliance"--Survival Sherpa. Being able to prepare wood (including shavings) for starting a fire.
  • "Making Your Own Emergency Toilet"--Survival Shelf. So, when the s**t hits the fan, you have some way of dealing with the ... well, you know.
  • "Ionizing Radiation for Dummies"--Blue Collar Prepping. Uh, what the title says....
  • "Vegetable Companion Planting in the Garden"--Common Sense Homesteading. Spring is here, and if you are not already planting, you soon should be. Some plants seem to do better when planted near or among other types of plants, and this article is about vegetables that do better when planted together.
  • "Make a Thrifty DIY Swingset Chicken Coop"--The Organic Prepper. Have an old A-frame style swing set? This article suggests using it as the frame for a simple chicken coop. 
  • "Prepping on a Small Budget"--Apartment Prepper. A list of ideas for saving money in gathering your preps.
  • "Decentralized Cell Operations: Can We Learn From Criminals?"--The Order of the White Rose. This isn't really related to prepping per se--being oriented toward the "patriot" movement--but has good ideas concerning OPSEC, including using encryption, and not being afraid of using OPSEC techniques or information that may come from sources within crime organizations.
  • These are listed on my "Useful Links" page, but I want to remind people of these libraries of electronic documents useful for prepping/survival:

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