Useful Links

This page contains links to other survival/prepping blogs, and other sources of information that may be useful or interesting. If you find any links that are not working, or would like to suggest a link, please email me about it.

LDS Church Sites on Provident Living, Self-Sufficiency, and Disaster Preparation:
Although not a complete list of Church resources, here are some specific to self-sufficiency and disaster preparation:

Emergency Preparedness and Response
Family Finances
Food Storage
Gardening in Containers (for those with limited space or in apartments)
Physical Health
Provident Living (Self-Reliance/Preparation)
Provident Living (More general topics)
Self-Reliance Videos and Manuals (mostly information on personal finances and small business helps)

Disaster News and Alerts

Disaster Center 
Earth's Active Volcanoes
Homeland Security Today
KA9OFF: Emergency Alerts and Disaster News
Space Weather Prediction Center (NOAA)
Suspicious Observer

Government, Corporate and NGO Resources:

American Red Cross
American Red Cross--Emergency Preparedness
Centers for Disease Control--Emergency Preparedness & Response
Disasters and
Disaster Preparation and Recovery--National Institutes of Health/Medline
Disaster Preparedness for Veterinarians--American Veterinary Medical Association (they have several booklets that are free for download)
Emergency Survival Guides from the National Terror Alert Center
FEMA (hint: use the "Navigation" link to find resources)
Hesperian Foundation - Publications (health/medicine in third-world countries)
How to Can -- Bell Canning
National Center for Disaster Preparedness (NCDP)--Columbia University
Northeast Hazards: Hazard Information for the Northeast--NESEC
Preparedness--Public Health Emergency, U.S. Dep't of Health and Human Services
Public Health Emergency (Department of Health and Human Services)
Ready America--Federal disaster information
Ship Captain's Medical Guide (UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency)
Sierra Bullet Selection Guide
Technical guidelines in emergencies--World Health Organization (WHO)
United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) Field Handbook (PDF)


Hornady HITS Calculator
HTTrack Website Copier
KeepVid (a tool to save YouTube videos in various formats)

An Introduction to Oswald Spengler and The Decline of the West:

Article: "Oswald Spengler: An Introduction to his Life and Ideas"
Spengler Crash Course (An abridgment, mostly comprised of excerpts, of both volumes into 31 chapters)
"Oswald Spengler" at Drafty Manner (Bart Stewart)

Disaster Preparation and Self-Sufficiency:

50 Survival Tips and Tricks for Outdoors
A Survival Plan
All About Foodstorage
All Things Provident
American Preppers Network
Apartment Prepper's Blog
Approaching Day Prepper, The
Arizona Weaponcraft Solutions Blog
Armageddon Medicine
Backwoods Home Magazine
Backyard Boss (gardening and yard maintenance)
Blue Collar Prepping
Breck Ellison--Survival
Bug Out and Survival Ideas
Canadian Preppers Network
Canning 101 -- Backwoods Magazine
Catman's Litterbox
Colloidal Silver Secrets
Common Sense Homesteading
Daily Survival
Dispatches from Heck
DIY, Gear, Prepping & Survival
Domowy Survival (Polish)
Doom and Bloom (survival medicine)
Dooms Day Prepping
Dreaming Of Sunsets Over Ochre Dunes (formerly Neo-Survivalist)
Ed That Matters
Em. Prep -- Getting Started
Emergency Essentials Blog
Everyday Commentary (reviews of EDC equipment)
Everyday Foodstorage
Family Survival Planning
Father Son Preppers
Fleeting Survival (in addition to prepping, they have a very nice list of AK resources)
Food Storage Made Easy
Food Storage and Survival
Food Storage Organizer (formally Prepared LDS Family)
Food Storage Moms
Free Emergency Medicine Manuals
Free Survival Books -- A list from Andy's Place
From the Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog (links to news articles relevant to prepping/survival)
Frontiersman, The (civil defense network)
Geek Prepper
Getting Started In Emergency Preparedness
Go Garden Club (general gardening)
Graywolf Survival
Gun Blog Blacklist, The (prepping blogs as well)
Happy Preppers
Harried Homemaker Preps
Homestead Survival, The
I Will Prepare
If It Hits The Fan
In the Rabbit Hole
ITS Tactical (Imminent Threat Solutions)
KI4U (nuclear war/civil defense products)
Knowledge Weighs Nothing
Left Wing Survivalist
Le Survivaliste (French site)
Lizard Farmer, The
Loadout Room, The
M.D. Creekmore (survival blog)
Mike's Gear Reviews (gear reviews and infographics related to survival and prepping)
Modern Survival Blog
Modern Survival Online
Modern Survivalist, The
Mom With A Prep
More Than Just Surviving
Off Grid Survival
Organic Prepper, The
Organic and Thrifty
Organized Prepper
Outdoor Self-Reliance
P2S Preparedness (UK)
Paratus Familia
Patriot Nurse, The (YouTube Channel)
Perky Prepping Grandma
Pole Shift Survival Information (large library of downloadable books on survival)
Poverty Prepping (concentrating on food storage and low cost preps)
Practical Prepping Blog
Prairie Patriot, The
Prep For Free
Prepared Christian
Prepared Page, The
Prepared Society
Preparedness Advice
Preparedness Mama
Prepper: Surviving the Tough Times Ahead (a free to access, on-line book on prepping by the author of the Getting Started in Emergency Preparedness blog)
Prepper Journal, The
Prepper Link
Prepper Website (survival related news)
Preppersi (Poland)
Prepper's Will
Prepping for SHTF
Prepping UK
Primitive Ways
Prolonged Field Care: Improving Far Forward Medicine
Prudent Homemaker, The (also lists of resources and materials for a homeschool curriculum grade by grade through 8th grade)
Radical Survivalism
Ready 4 It All
Ready Nutrition
Real World Survival
Rebuilding Civilization
Racounteur Report
Rice Farmer (links to news articles relevant to survival/prepping)
RMACTSC-Survival Considerations When The SHTF
SHTF Preparedness
Safely Gathered In
Savannah Arsenal Blog (prepping and firearms)
Secrets of Survival
Sensible Survival
Sensible Survivalists, The
Skilled Survival
Something Wicked Comes
Starving the Monkeys
Stealth Survival
Storage Prepper
Store This Not That (food storage)
Suburban Prepper
Survival Blog
Survival Bound
Survival Cache
Survival Commonsense
Survival Doctor, The
Survival Library -- free e-books
Survival Life
Survival Mom
Survival Place Blog, The
Survival Preps
Survival Pulse (survival related news)
Survival Punk
Survival Sherpa
Survival Sullivan
Survival Topics
Survival UK (and here is their survival library)
Survival Weekly
Survivalist Blog
Survive the Wild
Surviving in Argentina by FerFal
Surviving Prepper
Surviving the Suburbs
Surviving Urban Crises
Text Files Library of Survivalist Articles
"The Knowledge" Website
Toolazine--Homesteading Information
Two Way Radio Talk (communications--of course--outdoors and survival)
True Prepper
United States Rescue & Special Operations Group (USRSOG)
Urban Green Survival
Urban Farm Hub
Urban Survival Site
Urban Survival Site E-Book Links
Urban Survivalist, The
Urban Survival Skills
Vanilla Joy --home crafts
Weekend Prepper, The
Zac's Garden--gardening, self-sufficiency, sheds and small structures.
Zombie Squad Forum -- disaster prep forum ... and zombies!

(See "Product Sellers" for sources for ammunition and firearm accessories)
30 Cal Gal
Abe's Gun Cave
Active Response Training
Active Self Protection
AccuracyTech (long range shooting)
AIMED Point Shooting
AK Operators Union, Local 47-74
Alien Gear Holsters Blog
American Concealed
American Firearms Institute
American Hunter Magazine
American Rifleman Magazine (articles)
Ammo Land
Another Gun Blog
AR Build Junkie
Armory Blog
Armory Exotics
Arms Guide, The
Arms Room, The (historical firearms)
Army Field Manuals
Art of the Rifle
Aussie Hunter
Average Joe's Handgun Reviews
AZ Rifleman
Ballistics 101
Ballistics by the Inch
Ballistics by the Inch Blog
Bang Switch, The
Bearing Arms
Big Game Hunting Blog
Black Man With A Gun
Blue Line Sheepdog
Blue Sheepdog
Bowie Knife Fights, Fighters & Techniques
Box of Truth, The -- real world firearms and ammo tests
Breach, Bang, Clear
Brush Beater (small unit info)
Buckeye Firearms Association
C+Rsenal (historical firearms info)
Chiron Training (Rory Miller)
Chris Hernandez Author
Chuckhawks (firearm info)
Civilian Gunfighter
Cold Weather Operations Journal
Combat Shooting and Tactics
Combat Studies Group
Concealed Nation
Condition Red Response
Cornered Cat, The
Crime Mapping
Daddy's Gun
Dan Morgan 76 -- SigInt
Dark Arts for the Good Guy
Defensive Pistol Craft
Defensive Training Group
Ed's Manifesto
Empty Cases
Every Citizen a Soldier
Everyday Carry Solutions
Force Science Institute (articles)
Firearm Blog, The
Firearm Rack, The
Firearms History, Technology & Development
Firearms Tactical (technical articles)
Firearms Talk
Fleeting Survival (in addition to prepping, they have a very nice list of AK resources)
Forgotten Weapons
Forward Observer Magazine (old site)
Forward Observer Magazine (new site)
Free Range International
Functional Self Defense Blog
Garand Gear (articles and parts/supplies)
Gat Daily
Gear Scout
Get Zone
God, Gals, Guns, Grub
Grant Cunningham
Growing Up Guns
Gun Blog Blacklist, The
Gun Carrier
Gun Curious
Gun Digest
Gun Free Zone
Gun Goals
Gun Lab
Gun News Daily
Guns America Blog
Guns and Ammo Magazine
Guns Guns Guns (firearm reviews)
Guns Holsters and Gear (reviews of firearms, holsters and accessories + blog)
Gun Nuts Media
Guns Magazine
Guns Save Life (GSL)
Guns Save Lives
Gun Writer, The
Handguns Magazine
Hell In A Hand Basket
Home Defense Gun
Impro Guns (improvised firearms from around the world)
Jerking the Trigger
Kit Up!
Limatunes' Range Diary (oldest blog) (self-defense/shooting geared toward women)
Limatunes' Range Diary (older blog) (self-defense/shooting geared toward women)
Limatunes' Range Diary (new blog)
Loose Rounds
Lucky Gunner--Labs (technical articles)
M1 Garand and Other Rifles, Pistols and Ammo
Mad Duck Training/Maddened Fowl
Mad Science Defense Blog
Mason Dixon Tactical
Master Class Chronicles (recently moved to Priority: Performance)
Max Velocity Tactical
McYoung's Musings (Marc McYoung)
Michael Bane Blog, The
Mike Ox
Military Guns and Ammunition
Military Manuals at Survivalbound
Misfires And Light Strikes
Modern Self Protection
Modern Service Weapons
Monderno Blog
Mountain Guerrilla
My Gun Culture
New Rifleman, The (ARs)
No Nonsense Self Defense
North American Rescue Video Library (medical/first aid)
Nova Self Defense
NRA Family Magazine
Nurse With A Gun (Firearms and photography by Jonathon Ocab) (Antique and Collectible Firearms and Militaria Headquarters)
Olive Drab Journal
Packing Pretty
Personal Defense World
Personal Safety Blog (Grant Cunningham)
Personal Security Institute
Pew Pew Tactical
Police & Security News
Prairie Patriot, The
Precision Rifle Blog
Prepared Gun Owners
Primary & Secondary
Primer Peak
Priority: Performance
Random Thoughts: A Mindful Miscellany (Marcus Wynne)
Range 365
Range Hot
Range to Reel (outdoor and shooting blog)
RCE, LLC (Bullet Swagging supplies and "how-to" information)
Real Defense
Real Fighting
Real Guns (reloading tables and information)
Recoil Gun Magazine
Red Neck Engineer, The (firearm builds)
Redhawk Firearms Training Confidence Blog
Reloader Addict (handloading of ammunition)
Reloading Pages of M.D. Smith
Resistance Library at (info on bullets, 2nd Amendment and a lot more)
Revolver Guy, The
Revolver Science
Rifle Shooter Magazine
Ron Spomer Outdoors
Ruger Talk
Sage Dynamics Blog
Schafer's Self-Defense Corner
Self-Defense: A Basic Human Right
Shall Not Be Questioned
ShivWorks (integrated self-defense: i.e., mixing unarmed and armed)
Shooting Holes in Wounding Theories: the mechanics of terminal ballistics (article)
Shooting Illustrated
Shooting Performance (all types of self-defense) (old site)
Shooting Performance Blog (new site)
Shooting Sports USA Magazine
Shooting Range Blog
Shooting With Hobie
Short Barrel Shepherd
Suited Shootist, The
Sure Shots Magazine (a firearm/self-defense publication for women)
Small Arms Defense Journal
Sniper Central
Sniper Country
Snub Training
Soviet Gun Archives
SP Wenger's Defensive Use of Firearms
Sportsman's Vintage Press (collection of vintage firearms/hunting books you can read online for free)
Spotter Up Tactical
Steve Reichert Training
Storm Tactical (precision shooting)
Stuff From Hsoi
Student of the Gun
Suarez International Blog
Survive and Defend (blog)
SWAT Magazine
Tactical Existence
Tactical Professor
Tactical Wire, The
Terminal Ballistics Research
Thin Blue Florida
Tier Three Tactical
Tin Can Bandit's Gunsmithing
Truth About Guns, The
Truth About Knives, The
Urban Combatives
USA Carry
U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Blog
U.S. Crow
Vitaly V. Kuzmin's Military Blog (Russian weapons and equipment)
Volk Studio Blog--firearms and photography
Vuurwapen Blog
War On Guns, The
Weapon Blog, The
Weapons Man
Western Rifle Shooters Association
Well Armed Woman Blog, The
White Report, The (shooting and combat articles by Frank White)
Women Against Gun Control
World of Hobbies: Hunting & Weapons (Ukraine)
Zelman Partisans, The


1st Tactical Studies Group (Airborne)
A Backpackers Tale - Blog
Abandoned NYC
Ada Fruit (electronic kits/DIY)
American Conservative, The
Angry Staff Officer, The (Tactics, military issues)
Anonymous Conservative
Anti-Media, The
Armstrong Economics Blog
Atlas Obscura
Baugo Blades
Bayou Renaissance Man (Peter Grant)
Behind the Black (Space news and commentary)
Bellingcat (citizen investigative journalism)
Bemused Backpacker - Travel Blog
Black Five (military blog)
Bookworm Room, The
Captain Capitalism
Captain's Journal, The
Chaos Manor (Jerry Pournelle)
Christian Mercenary
Colin Flaherty You Tube Channel
Come and Make It (DIY manufacturing)
Comic Book Plus (public domain comics and pulp magazines)
Combined Arms Research Library
Common Sense Media (reviews of movies to better screen for objectionable material)
Crime Scene Investigator
Dark Roasted Blend
David Thompson (contemporary issues)
Decline of the Empire
Defense and the National Interest (older articles on national defense issues)
Deserted Places
Dignified Rant, The (National Security Issues)
Diplomad, The
Enemy Forces
Eruptions Blog
Eye, The (a large archive of books, music, software, etc.)
Family Handyman, The  (home improvement/repair)
Fanghorn Forest
Fred on Everything (Fred Reed--old site)
Fred on Everything (new site)
Free Speculative Fiction Online
Free Read (listing of free Amazon Kindle books)
Freedom Is Just Another Word...
Free Range International
Future Primaeval 
Futurist, The
Gates of Vienna 
George Washington Univ. National Security Archive
Global Guerrillas 
Global Security
Great Military Battles
Grumpy Economist, The (John Cochrane)
Hacker OPSEC
Hesperian Foundation - Publications
Historical Cookbook
Homemade Tools: encyclopedia of homemade tools
Homemade Household Cleaning Recipes
Honor and Daring
HROARR (Resources for the Historical European Martial Arts and Sports Community)
Ian's Shoelace Site
Internet Archive: Book Images
J R Nyquest
Jim's Blog (current events, society and culture)
Joel's Trumpet
KA9OFF: Emergency Alerts and Disaster News
Liberty References -- information on militiary and defense topics
Low Tech Magazine (the official site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)
Library of Congress: Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Black-and-White Photos
Making Sense of Manliness (M.D. Creekmore) (some survival articles)
Mama Natural (health and food)
Middle Ages Martial Arts Treatises
Mises Institute
Monster Hunter Nation (an introduction to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)
Motus Mentis (social commentary, current events)
New Native Nation
New Scientific Evidence for God
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored 
No-Tech Magazine
Nordic Sunrise
Of Two Minds (Charles Hugh Smith)
Old Book Illustrations Archive (illustrations you can use as clip art)
Ol' Remus and the Woodpile Report
Open Culture (books and educational resources)
Open Railway Maps
OSS Manuals
Outside In
Pursuit Magazine (for private investigators)
Planet Analog
Points and Figures
Primitive Technology (links)
Prism Break
Pulp Magazines Project, The
Racounteur Report
Rantburg (news on the war on terrorism)
Return of Kings
Rural Revolution
Science Frontiers--a compilation of scientific anomalies taken from the scientific literature
Shadow Government Statistics
Shepherd of the Gurneys
Signal Corps--Electronic Communications Support
Silicon Graybeard, The
Schneier on Security
Scholar's Stage (history, behavioral science, strategic thinking)
Social Pathologist, The
Standard of Liberty (LDS blog)
Straight Forward in a Crooked World
Stratfor Global Intelligence
Sultan Knish (Daniel Greenfield)
Summer Patriot, Winter Soldier
Taki's Magazine
Technology & Security
The Eye (a large archive of books, music, software, etc.)
TinEye (reverse photo search)
Today I Found Out--Feed Your Brain
Urban Exploration
Vintage Projects and Building Plans
Vox Popoli
War is Boring (old site)
War is Boring (new site)
War on the Rocks
West Hunter
Wikimedia Data Dumps
Wikipedia Database Download
Xydexx's Exploring and Modern Ruins Page


Active Times, The
Alaska Escape & Evasion Survival
Alaska Life
Ancient Pathways Blog
Back o' Beyond (the author's hikes and advice for hiking)
Backpack the Sierras
Backpacker Magazine
Backpacking Light - Articles
Backpacking North Ultralight Makeover
Bow and Blade
Brian's Backpacking Blog
Buckmasters -- Hunting
Dirt Time
Erik The Black's Backpacking Blog
Fat Guy In The Woods Blog Series
Field & Stream
Hike & Cycle (outdoor recreation tips with an emphases for the ladies)
Indefinitely Wild (Gizmodo)
Light and Ultralight Backpacking (backpacking)
Long Range Hunting
Master Woodsman
North American Hunting Club
Outdoor Hub
Outdoor Life
Outdoor Life -- Survival
Outdoor Self-Reliance
Primitive Ways
REI Expert Advice
Rocky Mountain Bushcraft
Self-Reliance Outfitter's Blog
Section Hiker
Sigma 3 Survival School Blog
"Survival" at Air Cav
Survive the Wild
Trackers Earth Blog
Trayer Wilderness (off-grid and wilderness)
Treehugger Survival
True North Wilderness Survival School
Western Hunter
Wilderness Medical Society
Wilderness Survival Blog
Wilderness Survival Skills
Wild Wood Survival
Wood Trekker
Woodland Wisdom (Dave Canterbury)

Product Sellers:
AGS Armament
Aim Surplus
Ammo For Sale
Ammo Man
Ammunition to Go
Apex Gun Parts
Apex Tactical
Army Surplus Warehouse
Atlanta Cutlery
Atlantic Arms
Beck Ammunition
Bob's Gun Shop (Springs)--hard to find gun parts
Brass Stacker
Bravo Company (BCM)
Brownells--firearm parts
Buffalo Arms (reloading/ammunition for rare calibers)
Buffalo Bore Ammunition (serious outdoor and defensive ammunition)
Captain Dave's Survival Center
CDNN Sports
Centerfire Systems
Classic Firearms
Combat Armory
Copes Distributing
Craft Holsters (holsters, mag pouches, belts and carry bags)
Dan's Ammo
Desert Fox Sales (AK and SKS parts/accessories)
Dillon Precision (reloading supplies and firearms parts)
Exotic Firearms (37mm launchers/flares)
Freedom Munitions
Gun Mag Warehouse
Gunfighters Inc. (holsters)
Graf & Sons (reloading supplies)
Hawktech Arms (AR, Glock and 10/22--also does transfers for people in Boise, Idaho, area)
Hill People Gear (holsters, packs and more)
Int'l Military Antiques
Int'l Military Sales PLUS
J&G Sales
Jo Bob Outfitters (firearms, accessories and ammunition)
KI4U (radiation detectors, potassium iodide, etc.)
K-Var (AK related items)
Keep Shooting (firearms and mil-surplus)
Liberty Tree Collectors (Surplus Firearms & Ammo)
Loadout Room, The
McKay Enterprises (ammo and parts)
Midway USA Gun Parts
Northwest Knives
Numrich Gun Parts
OscarDelta (SERE)
Palmetto State Armory (firearm parts)
Primary Arms
Recover Tactical
R Guns (firearms and accessories)
RMR Bullets
RRC Firearms
RTG Gun Parts
SG Ammo
Sarco Inc.
Sportsman's Guide
Sprinco (high end buffer springs for the AR and more)
Steve's Gunz (Specializing in Rossi 92)
Target Barn (targets and other shooting supplies)
Varusteleka (European military surplus)
Velocity Gun Sales (online gun sales; for those in the Boise, Idaho, this guy is a good FFL for transfers of firearms that you order online)
Vigilant Gear (SERE and EDC)
Walton Feed
Wolf Hill Ammo -- Exotic Ammo
Yankee Hill Machine