Monday, June 23, 2014

Purple Mountain Majesty (Updated)

I went camping/hiking this past weekend. Great view:

Update (6/24/2014): This trip was my 11-year old son's first overnight camping trip as a Boy Scout. Although our group camped overnight, additional groups joined us the next day for a field day of hiking and practicing skills. One thing I wanted to comment on was the esprit de corps among my son's troop. And one event stands out in particular. The last hike of the day involved some orienteering work, culminating in a climb straight up a very steep slope to where the camp was located. Since my son has some physical disabilities, this last part was particularly hard for him. However, led by a boy named Colson, the other boys started chanting his name to encourage him and cheered as he made it to the top.  It was very heartwarming.

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