Friday, June 6, 2014

Robbery -- What Would You Do?

A few things to note:

--the slow drive-by, looking for a victim.

--team of four: driver, primary/lead (with handgun), and two backup (probably armed as well).

--control of the victim's hand.

--backing victim up to wall and surrounding on other three sides so he can't escape.

--fast, started walking away as soon as they had completed the robbery.

What else?

(H/t Warrior Talk forum)


  1. At the point the victim realized he was going to be robbed, it was really too late. He had already badly screwed up. He is lucky to be unhurt.

    First, the victim failed to avoid New Orleans. New Orleans is notorious for its crime outside the well patrolled tourist areas. This robbery occurred only a few blocks outside the French Quarter. What makes this robbery noteworthy is that it was actually caught on camera.

    Second, the victim failed to maintain situational awareness. He was wearing headphones and otherwise appeared relaxed, perhaps even slightly intoxicated given the beverage container in his hand, before being confronted. He probably should not have been walking alone after dark, and certainly not at 2:30 AM.

    Third, the victim failed to avoid contact with urban youth. It appeared that the lead member of the robbery team called out to him, and he stopped and responded.

    1. I think you are right, my friend. Crime is not as random as most people think. Criminals--especially violent criminals--tend to come from certain locations and, certain ages and gender and ethnicity. They target certain types of people. Lifestyle choices are one of the most significant factors in being a victim. Hitting the bars significantly raises your chances of being a victim of a crime, whether it is a mugging (as in this case), or a fight.

      Situational awareness was a major factor in this case. But, instead of headphones, it could have been talking on a cell phone or consulting a map, or, if you had a companion, simply being engrossed in a conversation. Instead of slight intoxication, it could have been fatigue. That is why this robbery makes such a good object lesson.

      These robbers were obviously very skilled at what they do, and did not want to bring extra attention to their crime by beating up the victim or killing him. They could have easily done so. And once surrounded, it would not have been easy to get away. Even if you were armed, probably, at that point, the only thing to do would have been to bolt while throwing the back pack at one of the perpetrators, by pushing between two of them, or one of them and the wall, and running to create distance.

      I think the victim's passivity played a major role too. Simply ignoring the call out and continuing to walk may have been enough to disrupt the robbers' plan. If nothing else, it would have forced the robbers to run to catch up. Simply standing there and letting the robbers control the situation allowed the victim to be surrounded.

      Thank you for your comments.


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