Wednesday, June 11, 2014

ISIS Wins Big in Iraq

Source: Daily Mail

The disastrous loss of Mosul and Tikrit just gets worse and worse.  The Daily Mail has a lengthy and detailed piece worth reading. Among other things, it notes:
While the West has so far refused to assist with military support, the US has said it will come to the aid of the 500,000 people who have fled fierce fighting in Iraq. 
Denouncing ISIS as ‘one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world, Stuart Jones, the nominee to be the next US envoy to Baghdad, told US politicians the United States ‘will continue to monitor the situation closely, and will work with our international partners to try to meet the needs of those who have been displaced’.  
Today UK Foreign Secretary William Hague played down any suggestion of sending troops to support the Iraqi military and the White House National Security Council said: 'President Obama promised to responsibly end the war in Iraq and he did'. 
A country into which America poured so much blood and money faces the prospect of dealing with this major new military threat by itself in light of Western governments' insistence that the matter is not their concern.
Also, the terrorists have seized weapons. From the story:

Insurgents and Iraqi troops have been fighting for days in Mosul, but the security forces' hold appeared to collapse late Monday night and early Tuesday.  
Gunmen overran the Ninevah provincial government building - a key symbol of state control - Monday evening, and the governor fled the city.  
The fighters stormed police stations, bases and prisons, capturing weapons and freeing inmates. Security forces melted away, abandoning many of their posts, and militants seized large caches of weapons.  
They took control of the city's airport and captured helicopters, as well as an airbase 60 kilometers (40 miles) south of the city, the parliament speaker said.
The story indicates that the Kurds may send troops beyond the borders of their autonomous region to deal with insurgents, which in itself may cause additional problems as some of the areas occupied by the militants have large Kurdish populations which the Kurds want to include in their zone.

The Telegraph is reporting mass beheadings in Mosul and Tikrit. The International Business Times reports:
The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (Isis) has become the richest terror group ever after looting 500 billion Iraqi dinars - the equivalent of $429m (£256m) - from Mosul's central bank, according to the regional governor. 
Nineveh governor Atheel al-Nujaifi confirmed Kurdish televison reports that Isis militants had stolen millions from numerous banks across Mosul. A large quantity of gold bullion is also believed to have been stolen.
The Turkish consulate in Mosul was seized, and Turkish truck drivers have been captured, which has prompted Turkey to call for an emergency meeting of NATO.

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