Friday, November 9, 2018

POTD: An abandoned coal processing plant in Mahanoy City, PA, circa 2015

Source: "The American dream deferred: Pennsylvania's Rust Belt - its faded factories, boarded-up buildings and streets in a slump - documented in photos taken during and after the 2016 presidential campaign"--Daily Mail.


  1. RE: Protecting Your Homestead. I didn't see any mention of plants that provide a protective barrier. I have several Spanish dagger plants, a variety of yucca, in front of the more vulnerable windows around my home. My Spanish daggers have twenty inch long leaves with a needle sharp tips that draw blood if I brush up against them. There are many other varieties of thorny plants that would provide a similar barrier and deterrent.

    1. I mentioned my pick on November 9: "I just have one word for fortifying your homestead for SHTF: Pyracantha." Pyracantha has long needles that I know from personal experience will easily pierce leather gloves, the soles of most shoes, and heavy clothing. Having said that, I have raspberry plants under some of the more vulnerable windows because the area is just perfect for growing raspberries, and they are thorny enough to act as a deterrent. Pyracantha is better for hedgerows and the like.