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November 30, 2018 -- A Quick Run Around The Web

"The New York City Shakespeare Riot"--The History Guy (14 min.)
The riot was in 1849, and was already showing how immigration and wealth disparity was affecting the country. 

In the dead of winter 1944, U.S. Navy officer Frank Grismer discovered an unknown British soldier who had perished on the beachfront of Anzio, Italy, still clutching a .45 caliber submachine gun affectionately known by G.I.s as the Tommy Gun. His body lay in the vicinity of 19 deceased German soldiers.
  • Related: "ADDRESSING AND BREAKING THE 'AK STIGMA'"--American Partisan. The author notes that "[w]ith the virtual explosion of AMERICAN custom shops for both the production of AK rifles and parts and accessories, the AK shooter is finally on level footing, at least parts wise, with the Golden Child of the civilian rifle shooting community, the AR-15," yet there remains a stigma that the weapon is a "terrorist" or "criminals" weapon, or are cheap.
            Stange’s design was nothing short of remarkable. He created a gas-operated weapon using a lightened version of the Lewis machine gun action, which fired from a closed bolt in semiauto and an open bolt in automatic. To reduce the overall length, the magazine well was on the left of the receiver with the pistol grip directly below it. The side-mounted magazine was the weapon’s only real weakness – the weight of the steel box and twenty full-bore rounds unbalanced it slightly – but the result was a rifle half a pound lighter and six inches shorter than the Garand, with more than double the magazine capacity and an integrated bipod and flip-out spike bayonet. Incredibly, it was only an inch longer than the StG44 assault rifle and several ounces lighter, despite firing a full-power round. The straight-line stock and effective muzzle brake meant automatic fire was reasonably controllable, and fired from the bipod it made an effective SAW.
             Some features of the FG42 were remarkably modern. It came with a rail for a ZF 4 telescopic sight, but was also fitted with flip-up iron sights almost identical to the ones you’d fit on your flat-top AR15. The bipod and optical sight let soldiers exploit the power of its heavy round at long range, making it a respectable designated marksman’s rifle. It could launch rifle grenades straight off the muzzle brake without any special attachments. The action was so robust that the USA later modified it as the basis for the M60 machine gun.
      Perhaps this is the route that the West should have followed instead of the M-14 and FAL.
      • "Forgotten Memo Shows Gun-grabbing Built into FBI’s DNA"--Ammo Land. A 1936 memo from Herbert Hoover expresses dismay over the .357 Magnum and other more powerful handguns to come, and suggests banning them.
      • "Revolvers for Women: Guess Again"--The Truth About Guns. I don't know what it is, but I have recently seen a flurry of articles from female shooters getting their panties in a wad because a gun store salesman was condescending toward them or ignored them. Here is the ugly truth: gun store salesmen are condescending to everyone and often ignore them--even males. I'm a middle-aged man and still have salesmen ignore me, or talk to me like I don't know the difference between a rifle and a pack of gum. I try not to take it personal. They know that (a) most people looking at firearms are just looking and not buying, and (b) the salesmen probably know, or think they know, more than the person that just walked in off the street. They only way around this is to talk with the gun salesman and let them get to know you; heck, once they find out that you know something about guns, they are generally more than happy to talk your ear off. 

      "Covert Cosmic Currents"--Suspicious Observers (7 min.)
      Every single attempt to detect dark matter has failed. It is probably because there is no "dark matter" (meaning some exotic particle) but that the extra mass ascribed to "dark matter" is simply ordinary matter such as gas, dust, or plasma, that we simply, for one reason or another, cannot detect at intersteller or intergalactic distances.

      Solar phenomena such as flares and solar energetic particles events are potential candidates to affect the global atmospheric electric circuit. One can study these effects using measurements of the atmospheric electric field in fair weather regions. In this paper, we investigate deviations of the atmospheric electric field daily curve during solar disturbances (solar flares and solar proton events) from mean values obtained in fair weather conditions. Using the superposed epoch analysis, in order to enhance the visualization of small effects, we study the atmospheric electric field data observed between January 2010 and December 2015 at the Complejo Astronómico El Leoncito, San Juan, Argentina. The results show no deviation of the atmospheric electric field after solar flares, and an increase of about 10 V/m after solar proton events. The last result suggests possible ionization effects above thunderstorm in disturbed weather regions, which alters the global atmospheric electric circuit. On the other hand, we analyze the variation of the atmospheric electric field during a ground level enhancement on 17 May 2012, which was capable to produce changes on the surface electric field.
               What should Christian feminists do with their old “purity” rings, symbols of a patriarchal theology that has harmed countless women?
                Melt them down, says progressive Christian author and theologian Nadia Bolz-Weber, and create something completely new. 
                  On Monday, Bolz-Weber issued a call on Twitter for people to send her those rings “for a massive art project.”
                    In certain evangelical Christian circles, the rings were given to young girls as symbols of a pledge they made to abstain from sex until marriage. But the rings ― and more broadly, the Christian purity culture of the 1990s and 2000s ― also shamed young girls into disconnecting from their bodies, Bolz-Weber argues.
                      With the help of artist Nancy Anderson, Bolz-Weber said she plans to melt down the rings that people send her and recast them as a “golden vagina.” She said that the project ― part of a promotion for Shameless, her upcoming book about sex and Christianity ― is about “reclamation” of women’s bodies.
                * * *
                       Bolz-Weber is collecting purity rings until Dec. 17. In exchange, senders will receive a silicone “impurity” ring and a “Certificate of Impurity.”  
                The article also explains that "Bolz-Weber was the founding pastor of Denver’s House for All Sinners and Saints, a progressive, queer-inclusive Lutheran congregation." And, as you would expect, she is a broad-shouldered, man-jawed, tattooed horror. But like a dog returning to its vomit, or a moth drawn to a flame, take note that she is obligated to build an idol of what she worships.  It will actually be kind of hard for us that reached mortality to be cast into outer darkness after the Great White Throne Judgment, but Bolz-Weber is pure evil and, I think, has a pretty good shot at succeeding (failing?).
                During a public event held today (Nov. 29), the agency unveiled nine new partners that will be designing and building lunar landers aimed at facilitating scientific exploration of the moon. In addition to the specific companies chosen, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine also announced that the program running those contracts — the Commercial Lunar Payload Services program — is now part of the science section of NASA's bureaucracy, not the human exploration section.
                The companies are Astrobotic Technology Inc., Deep Space Systems, Draper, Firefly Aerospace Inc., Intuitive Machines LLC, Lockheed Martin Space, Masten Space Systems, Inc., Moon Express and Orbit Beyond. I know that there are some that poo-poo space exploration and development, but spreading into the solar system will be more important and transformative than the discovery of the New World.

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