Wednesday, November 21, 2018

"Comedian" Kristina Wong Radicalizes Children

"KIDS BRAINWASHED TO HATE WHITE PEOPLE"--Paul Joseph Watson (7-1/2 min.)

      An article in the magazine Colorlines has this to say, in praise, of Wong's efforts:
        Imagine a children’s TV show in which an effusive host teaches Asian- and Pacific Islander-American girls media literacy, intersectionality and solidarity. Comedian Kristina Wong makes this vision possible with ”Radical Cram School,” the new independent web series she hosts and co-produces. She released all six episodes on YouTube in mid-August and publishes each on Facebook every week.  
       In a statement, Wong describes the series as “’Sesame Street’ for the Resistance.” Via email, she tells Colorlines that Liberty, the daughter of co-producer and friend Teddy Chao, inspired the show. ”This was almost a year into the Trump Presidency and [Chao] was worried that Liberty would start internalizing the racist and misogynist rhetoric around his campaign,” Wong explains. “He wanted me to sit down and talk to her and I blurted out, ‘We should make an Asian-American girl Town Hall web series!’ From there, Wong says, they began thinking of ways to equip young Asian girls with tools to resist “the ever-present racism and misogyny of our times.”
And like the Red Guard of which Wong must think highly, these children, too, will someday be hauling people off to death camps.

       Just another reminder that they really do hate you.

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