Tuesday, November 27, 2018

November 27, 2018 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

A succinct summary and analysis of HR 7115, a bill that has been proposed by House Democrats that would essentially ban the manufacture of receivers by hobbyists, ban builds or repairs of "assault weapons," and defines "assault weapon" as all semi-auto rifles or shotguns with detachable magazines, and most semi-auto pistols, as well.

  • A new Woodpile Report is up. One of the articles he references is "Why Understanding the Brutal Reality of the SHTF Could Save Your Life" from Organic Prepper. The gist of the article is that we are going to see some truly cruel, brutal things post-SHTF, and if we are aware of it and internalize that knowledge, we won't freeze or be unable to react when we are actually exposed to the brutality. Part of what will be revealed to us, according to the author, are the true predators and monsters that live around us, that will kill and torture for fun. My belief is that (1) such people will quickly be hunted down and destroyed, and (2) it will be transitory until some law and order is restored. Where you live will probably have a lot to do with how long until order is restored.
  • "Range Review: Glock 26 Gen 5"--Shooting Illustrated. Tamera Keel likes the Gen 5 version, enough so that she is considering using it for her CCW. Key points were a better grip (no finger grooves), better trigger on the Gen 5, and better sights.
  • "Sunny Italy, New Found Gun Freedoms"--Ammo Land. The new law doubles the number of weapons licensed citizens can own, eliminates limits on magazine capacity, and allows citizens to own military style firearms (by which I interpret it to mean that citizens can purchase weapons that use military calibers). According to the article, Italians are applying for licenses and buying firearms in record numbers.
  • "THE BACKPACKER’S WOODSTOVE"--American Partisan. The author explains:
Recently, I purchased a wood stove made by Firebox. The model I purchased was the G2 Folding Firebox Stove. Along with it, I also bought the Extended Grill Plate. Why did I purchase a small woodburning stove? The answer is pretty simple when you think it through. My primary stove has been an MSR Whisperlite International for about 28 years. It is a multifuel stove, works well in every environment I’ve used it in, and has the ability to use a lot of the liquid fuels available. Problem is, what if liquid fuels aren’t available?
  • "7 tips for Securing a Cash Stash at Home"--The Modern Survivalist. The issue with this is to avoid the places that would be obvious to a burglar. FerFal notes, however, that "You know your own house better than anyone, after looking around and giving it some thought you can probably think of a little corner or hidden space somewhere where anyone not familiar with your house would have a hard time figuring out. That’s where you want to hide it." But he also warns about hiding it so well that you forget where it is. He suggests telling someone else (e.g., sharing with a spouse) so that it doesn't become a found treasure for a subsequent home owner. Another suggestion he raises is having a decoy safe or stash in an obvious place that has less important valuables or smaller amounts of cash, and then a second hidden stash where the real stuff is hidden.
  • "Bioscarf – Gear for Preppers"--Ed That Matters. Short take: "The Bioscarf is a great little piece of gear that I am happy to recommend.  Not only is it stylish, but the scarf has a built-in layer that filters out 99.75 % of airborne particulates that are 0.1 microns or larger. "

"STOP STEPPING OFFLINE"--Warrior Poet Society (6 min.)
The author isn't saying to not try and get off the "X", but that the movement must be useful. A simple sidestep, which can be effective in hand-to-hand combat, is generally insufficient when someone is aiming a firearm at you because the attacker will only have to slightly adjust their aim to strike you.

The LAPD, “all the way up to the very, very top,” did their best to protect the dirty cops Carson believes helped orchestrate Biggie’s murder. As part of that effort, powerful forces launched what Carson described as a campaign to assassinate his own character. According to Carson, these forces included the Los Angeles Times, the City Attorney of Los Angeles, members of LAPD Chief Bill Bratton’s inner circle, and cops in the department’s famed Robbery-Homicide Division.
        And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
           And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.
              And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.
              A stressed-out and traumatized father can leave scars in his children. New research suggests this happens because sperm “learn” paternal experiences via a mysterious mode of intercellular communication in which small blebs break off one cell and fuse with another.
               Carrying proteins, lipids and nucleic acids, these particles ejected from a cell act like a postal system that extends to all parts of the body, releasing little packages known as extracellular vesicles. Their contents seem carefully chosen. “The cargo inside the vesicle determines not just where it came from but where it’s going and what it’s doing when it gets there,” says Tracy Bale, a neurobiologist at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.
                 Preliminary research Bale and others, announced this week at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego, shows how extracellular vesicles can regulate brain circuits and help diagnose neurodegenerative diseases—in addition to altering sperm to disrupt the brain health of resulting offspring.
                  Striking evidence that harsh conditions affect a man’s children came from crop failures and war ravaging Europe more than a century ago. In those unplanned human experiments, prolonged famine appeared to set off a host of health changes in future generations, including higher cholesterol levels and increased rates of obesity and diabetes. To probe the inheritance of such changes at the cellular level, Bale and co-workers performed a series of mouse experiments.
              Evolution does not take the time that most believe.

              "Why US Companies Are Leaving China"--China Uncensored (7 min.)
              The trade war continues to hurt China, with an increasing number of manufacturers (and not just U.S. companies) deciding to depart China for other waters: some to the U.S., but many to Vietnam and Indonesia. The result is that China's reported GDP (what they tell the rest of the world) increased less than 7%, meaning that the real rate is probably much lower.


              Turning and turning in the widening gyre   
              The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
              Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
              Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
              The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere   
              The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
              The best lack all conviction, while the worst   
              Are full of passionate intensity.

              Surely some revelation is at hand;
              Surely the Second Coming is at hand.   
              The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out   
              When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
              Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert   
              A shape with lion body and the head of a man,   
              A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,   
              Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it   
              Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.   
              The darkness drops again; but now I know   
              That twenty centuries of stony sleep
              Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,   
              And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,   
              Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

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