Thursday, November 29, 2018

November 29, 2018 -- A Quick Run Around The Web

"Portland is a Sh*thole"--Paul Joseph Watson (12 min.)
The decline of civilization happening right before our eyes.

  • "MEDICAL REFERENCES: TAKING THE NEXT STEP UP"--American Partisan. The author recently gave recommendations as to basic medical texts. Now he lists the texts and references needed to take you to the next level.
  • "Remington Introduces the RM380 Executive"--The Truth About Guns. This new model sports a metal frame, yet is still only 12.2 ounces unloaded.
  • "Homemade Primer Course" (PDF) by W. Marshall Thompson PhD. As the title suggests, this is a primer on making your own primers (well, I thought it was a good pun). Even if you are not interested in making your own rifle or pistol primers, this is an interesting read because of the history of primers and the compounds used in them.

"Plasma Universe"--Suspicious Observers (11 min.)

Greek diplomats were issuing visas to unaccompanied children in order to facilitate illegal removal of their organs, "but the press did not write about them." — Nikos Kotzias, Greece's former Minister of Foreign Affairs, in an interview on November 20, 2018.
       But when re-surveyed a month later, the students, especially liberals — who reported stronger feelings of manichaeism in the first place — basically went back to hating their political opponents.
          "Liberal beliefs that conservatives are evil only temporarily improved," the study concluded.
      Good riddance. Many, many more churches need to die. They are not Christian churches, they are Churchian organizations that have been converged and are following the lead of the world into total irrelevance and eventual extinction. 
                 Over Thanksgiving, a group of busybodies started online-campaigning to get people who make money from sex audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Using the hashtag #ThotAudit, these troublemakers attempted to report attractive women to the IRS, presumably assuming that their targets are or have been engaging in mass tax evasion that the bored online hordes suddenly feel must be stopped.
                  Many conservatives and libertarians, including those here at The Federalist, spilled ink on this, some in support of the #ThotAudit instigators. In my opinion, though, there’s something nasty and immoral, from a libertarian perspective, about siccing a government agency like the IRS on people who have been routinely victimized by that very entity––the federal government.
            Wolfe seems to have missed the triggering point for the backlash, however, which is that the thots were destroying game sites by their never ending spamming, and the users were sick of it. Even Wolfe admits that "[t]he most likely end result is ... sex workers becoming increasingly incentivized to ... stay far away from the countless online do-nothings looking to get them." Which was the whole point of the Audit a Thot campaign.
              The commander-in-chief said he could declassify FISA warrant applications and other documents from Robert Mueller’s probe — and predicted the disclosure would expose the FBI, the Justice Department and the Clinton campaign as being in cahoots to set him up.
              • Higher education bubble: "Overseas students turn away from US"--BBC. The article breathlessly reports that "The number of new international students enrolling at United States universities and colleges went down by almost 7% last year, according to official data published this month." The author blames President Trump rather than the increasing madness of the universities. Whatever. The reason the universities are worried has nothing to do with "diversity," but money: "It's the second year in a row that the number of new international enrolments in the US has declined, denting a market worth $42bn (£33bn) to the US economy last year." Maybe aggrieved minority studies degrees just aren't worth much in most other countries.
              • The collapse of complex societies: "It Was The Blackest Of Pills, It Was The Whitest Of Pills"--Ch√Ęteau Heartiste. A short excerpt:
                        What we see everywhere our eyes are allowed to recognize is one institution after another being destroyed from within by the very individuals who depend on it or who own it. Government (and news media, “churches,” medical systems, pretty much everything) becomes ever-less capable.
                         All these systems now obey the iron laws of monopoly, inevitably closing in on the Black Hole Phenomenon where resources go in and nothing of value subsequently emerges. The nation-state, instituted to bring order and stop internecine warfare, is now the primary source of disorder and inter-group warfare.
                           'The Great Plains were originally thought to be sparsely populated, but this suggests that an intricate system of towns and cities dotted the regional map instead.' 
                             Some artefacts found at the site contained rocks and minerals not found in the local area.
                              'It is my belief that indigenous groups from the Great Plains traded not only with other groups from the east and west coasts, but with civilisations belonging to Central and South America as well.' 
                                'It totally rewrites the history books,' Dr Blakeslee said. 'It's a reminder that history is fluid; every answer we uncover just leads to more questions.'

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