Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Herr Merkel Has Agreed to Controls on Immigration

       Much to the dislike of the Euro weenies, Chancellor Merkel was forced into making concessions as to immigration and border security. Late last week, an emergency summit of European leaders reached a vague agreement to reinforce border security, build camps in unspecified Northern African countries to house the so-called refugees while they are vetted, and require Spain and Greece to take back refugees that first registered for asylum in those countries. Supposedly, in return for the latter promise, Germany will expedite processing refugee applications for persons in Spain and Greece who are attempting to join with families already in Germany.

       The agreement may save Merkel from having to step down as Chancellor, but with the details so vague and no North African countries willing to become dumping grounds for refugees, it seems to only be kicking the can down the road. But perhaps that is all this agreement is: time to diffuse the political opposition while continuing on as before.

      This is a dangerous time for Europeans. This is a crises engineered by Merkel, and she must have had some reason for importing the third world other than humanitarian concerns. She is too Machiavellian not to have anticipated that the influx of refugees would strengthen nationalist feelings. Employing the time-tested strategy of placing an opponent in the horns of dilemma, she probably planned to benefit no matter how events turned out.

      Thus, on one hand, if a sufficient opposition would not have formed, she would have had a body of immigrant voters spread throughout the EU that would form the backbone of a pan-European political organization built on a shared Islamic world view and hatred of of the West.

       But with growing opposition to the refugees in Europe, she has instead forced Europe to, once again, look to German leadership--and depend on German money to make it all work--further strengthening the German hegemon.

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