Thursday, July 12, 2018

Video: "Getting the most out of Steel Targets: What You Need to Know"--TFB TV

I regularly come across videos that I think would be interesting to you, my readers. This is one:

       This seemed like a good introduction to using steel targets--at least, for short range pistol and tactical shooting--and their place in a shooting regimen. 

        The author disses on steel that is hung from chains because you may end up having to replace the chains at intervals. But either he is exaggerating or is a really poor shot because he claimed to have to be replacing chains after every shooting session!

        While I agree that the hanging targets aren't the best for short-range shooting, I think that such systems are perfectly acceptable at longer ranges.

        The issue with the hanging targets as I see it, particularly with portable stands, is not so much the chains (which are relatively cheap), but the metal crossbeam. A rifle, in particular, can take a chunk out of those beams. No big deal if you are using a system that uses pieces of rebar, but much more problematic on other systems employing a metal cross beam.

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