Tuesday, July 3, 2018

And The Problems With The Sig P365 Continue....

        Back towards the end of May, I noted a video review of the P365 by Military Arms Channel which observed that there was considerable amount of drag left on the primer by the striker, which probably would account for the complaints of broken strikers. However, he had no problems with his firearm until he was wrapping up, and suddenly the trigger stopped working.

       In a new, second, video on the P365 (embedded below), we learn that the reason for the trigger failure was that the spring which resets the trigger linkage had broken. We also see that the spring had extended into the magazine well, scratching the magazines, so that may have been a cause, or at least a symptom. Apparently this is another complaint about the gun showing up on gun boards and forums.

       This second video also puts to rest the fan boys' excuses for primer drag being inherent in such a small pistol. MAC ran some rounds through a similarly sized Taurus pistol, and there was only minimal drag--not drag marks clear across the radius of the primer as with the P365.

       For the second video, MAC had also purchased a second, brand new P365 for testing. Besides the primer drag, it had a couple other issues: some light primer strikes on some Wolf ammo, and, at about the 400 round count when it suddenly started having extraction issues, and very quickly would not extract any cases. So, it still looks like the P365 is not quite ready for market.

"Sig P365 Part 2 - More Problems?"--Military Arms Channel (20 min.)
For the short version, start at about the 15:35 mark.

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